How you could be a Reiki healer?

To be able to do Reiki to other people, you don’t have to be endowed with any special skills, anyone can do it, to begin to dedicate yourself to this therapy energy you will only need to be initiated by a Reiki master, which will open up your energy channels so that you will be able to channel the energy to others through your hands. There are many techniques to channel energy with the hands, Reiki is just one more. Do you think you could be a Reiki healer?

broadly we can define Reiki as a japanese technique of laying on of hands in which the therapist has to pass energy through the patient with the intention of balancing your body. This technique was developed by dr. Mikao Usui around the year 1920, based on ancient techniques of tibetan.

It has been established that REI means “universal” and KI means “energy”, so the word Reiki can be understood as the universal energy.

The Reiki does not impose any dogma of faith and those who practise it you can do so on the basis of their beliefs. The more adapted the technique to their personal beliefs, the more useful it will be for the therapist. For those who work with Reiki, when you are channeling the Reiki energy they are channeling the unconditional love.

The difference between this technique of laying on of hands and other is that with Reiki, the practitioner does not make use of your body’s energy,but that gets it from outside and either establishes a bidirectional communication with the receiver, so that neither gets tired, doing Reiki, or is in danger of “the disease of the patient,”.

What can you do Reiki for you?

Reiki is the energy of love, and they say, that love can do everything. There are many documented cases of healings with Reiki from all kinds of diseases. Reiki can be used for any disease, physical, mental or emotional.
In fact Reiki itself doesn’t cure anything. It is your own body that is healthy. Reiki harmonizes the areas of your body that may be involved with an excess or lack of energy. Once the energy is rebalanced, it is your own body that does the work of healing for which it is designed.
The therapists believe that your body is able to generate any chemical to regenerate, but that in order for this wonder organic to occur, your body must be in harmony. With Reiki ayudn the agency to enter in harmony.

Reiki is able to help you at three levels:

physical Level. Reiki helps to relieve all kinds of physical pains, inflammations, skin problems, injuries, fractures, anxiety, etc ..

mental Level or emotional. Reiki can also help relieve emotional problems type, depression, insomnia, aggressiveness, unhappiness, sadness, indifference, etc

the spiritual Level. Reiki helps you find harmony, peace and balance, etc ..

Reiki as a philosophy of life can also be used as a tool for personal growth as you learn to relate to your body and your emotions in another way and also you begin to understand the people around you significantly improve your interpersonal relationships and your
way of seeing the world.

When a patient undergoes a session of Reiki to solve a particular problem, not always the solution is that the patient expects. Reiki always provides what is best for the patient. So that if any patient want to solve a problem of a couple, for example, it is possible to
the outcome will be a rupture, although this occurs in a harmonious way, because that was what was best for the patient. For this reason, it is often said that “The Universe gives you what you need, but not always what you want!”

it Is very important to note that Reiki should never be used as a substitute of your therapies or medical or psychological treatments, but as a complement to the treatment.

In the Manual of the Spanish Association of Complementary Therapies Causay explains some important points about Reiki and its application:


  • Reiki can not be used to do evil, if used, simply would not work.
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  • Reiki does not impose dogmas of faith or philosophy.
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  • Reiki is an “intelligent energy”, it always goes where it is most needed.
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  • Reiki does not use your energy, after you get started you’ll be able to use Reiki to your craving and you won’t lose your body’s energy.
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  • The Reiki practitioner is merely a channel of energy, does not decide how much power you want to give, how much you should receive or where he is going.
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  • Nor heal anyone, it is the patient that decides what to do with the energy that you provide.
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  • Reiki is not a mental act, it is not necessary to concentrate to do Reiki.
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  • To practice Reiki you do not need any particular gift, any person to channel Reiki.
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  • Reiki what is important are the physical sensations that you produce, what matters are the results you get.
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  • Reiki is unidirectional, the energy goes out of your hands to the patient, but the patient’s energy does not come in contact with you. Does your personal energy (example: you have a bad day and you’re angry)
    reaching the patient. When you do Reiki, Reiki is what comes out through your hands. If you feel something during the treatment, it is yours.
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  • there is positive energy or negative. We think that energy is energy and there are simply energy that at this moment there comes to us well, though at other times, it could save your life.
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  • you may Not receive an overdose of Reiki. When the area committed by the body rebalances the energy stops flowing.

If you are interested in this kind of healing you can get more information in the Manual of the Spanish Association of Complementary Therapies Causay, developed by Ricardo Rowland and Alicia Carrasco. A comprehensive manual to get started in the world of Reiki and to understand the basis of this therapy energy.

you Can find this manual and several courses on page