Prenatal Yoga: sun Salutation (second quarter)

The greeting to the sun is one of the preliminary practices of yoga. Use it to start an exercise routine as it is the best way to warm the body and prepare it for the further exercise.

I like to do a sun salutation nothing more awakening. So to me, full of energy and I prepare physically and mentally for the rest of the day.

During my pregnancy, in addition to the above, perform a greeting to the sun journal allowed me to relax the tension of the back, to keep myself agile and balance the energy (or, better said, to monitor my girlfriends hormone…)

why do the greeting to the sun during pregnancy?

This variant of SI allude to the Sun (Surya Namaskar) is done seated and is ideal for practice during pregnancy.

The postures that are performed in the salute to the sun allow you to activate the muscles, give flexibility to the spine, extend the joint mobility, relieve tensions and prevent the emergence of aches and pains that often accompany the pregnant (low back pain, tired legs, back pain…)

Accompanied by the breath, this flowing sequence of movements allows you to quiet the mind and calm ourselves at a stage so special and full of emotions, as is the pregnancy.
This video I recorded with 24 weeks pregnant, already in the second trimester, when the belly is pointed, but can be done throughout the pregnancy, varying in the last quarter the opening of the legs in those positions in which the belly is in the middle (child’s pose), not to compress it and let our baby have his or her site.

If you are pregnant, you I invite you to practice this version of the greeting to the sun on a daily basis (as long as you have medical clearance), it doesn’t take much time, but it will be a routine very beneficial for your pregnancy in general.