Yoga for healing

For the yogis the disease represents a disruption of the natural balance of our body. The body has its own sources of natural healing, but these can be stopped when, by bad habits or thoughts that are harmful and unbalanced attitudes, we break this natural harmony between our link body-mind.

How does the Yoga in the body and the mind?

Both the techniques of the yoga physical or Hatha Yoga, as the mental yoga or Radja-Yoga tend to re-balance and regain the harmony lost in this relationship between our psyche and our body.

The techniques of yoga prevents psychosomatic disorder and regulate and harmonize the vital principles (air, temperature, and lymph) in the body, it also provides the conditions for thought-control mix and calm mind.

Finally, if this balance is psychosomatic strikes the perfect stillness. With this we mean that an energy efficiency (prana), the appropriate workout body, stabilization of the mind and the cultivation of states of mind healthy provide an activation of the forces of natural healing of our whole body-mind and prevent the disease.

If the person is in better physical condition and mood will be more easy to make the inner stillness. The vital energy or prana will flow better and more freely by the universe in miniature that is the human being and all the functions, bodily and mental, remain in harmony, unfolding in an orderly way the energy flows without any blocks or tensions.

To control the mental activity fruitless and providing the means for the body to act harmoniously, the yogi overcomes the difficulties and physical ailments and psychic, otherwise, interpondrían in the search for balance and the realization of its being.

Both of the practices used in yoga physical as in the mental yoga aim for the conquest of the inner stillness, the transcendent vision and the spiritual emancipation.

With the practice of yoga the domain of the breath leads to the dominance of the mind, in the same way that the healthy control of the inclinations, mood, and thoughts leads to the control over the organic functions. Physical Yoga and mental yoga are, therefore, two pathways that converge as the two slopes of the same mountain, but with the notable difference that there is to opt for one or the other, but that can be taken in both.

With the practice of yoga psychophysical we understand that it is through an attitude of less self-centered, and not in the reassertion of the ego, this source of vital energy is connected with our internal energy. Disorders somatic, self-centeredness, attachment, procrastination psychic and the mental attitudes and emotional unhealthy hinder this process of inner maturity that represents the path to a existence more conscious and get in touch with our inner strength.

that Is why the yogi, patient, and wisely, it regulates balancing the functions of your body and your mind to assist, and not hinder, their journey to the inner freedom, purity and righteousness.