Yoga at home with my baby

When a baby is difficult to leave time for processing to perform a complete routine of yoga, meditation, or exercises, as we did before. Much more complicated it is to escape for a moment to the gym or out doing a bit of jogging.
For this reason, and to not make excuses it is time to take a moment to take care of myself, I have sought the way of uniting small routines of stretches and exercises, with the hours in the my daughter is awake and active.

Is as easy as making a site in the living room of the house, put my mat on the floor, to accommodate my new companion stretches (put a blanket folded and pillow to be comfortable and comfortable), and enjoy our special time.

As a result, we achieve a few moments of stimuli my baby and relaxation for me, what comes to us very well the two and further strengthens our mother-daughter relationship.

How is yoga with babies?

The baby yoga is different to how we do the adults or children who already have motor control. For babies we need to create moments of play and visual and auditory stimuli. We talked with them while the parents are the ones who perform the postures, or move gently the joints working your muscular system.

Although many times you will not be able to perform a series of asanas as full as you would being alone/only, do yoga with your child gives you so much peace and energy as if it were a full class of yoga. It is to do a time of relaxation, play and stimulation. Through loving words and caresses we give to understand to our baby that we are there for him and that is a special moment, in which, although we are together, we disconnect those “role” with which carry on a daily basis.

In this video there is a snippet of how Poppy and I had a great time “playing to be yogis,”

I encourage you to try a different time with your babies, in addition to meet their needs during the day, we can create moments of play and communication that we do very well to parents and children, whether through yoga, the stimulation psychomotor or the baby massage.