Do you know the Therapeutic power of Massage?

massage is one of the healing therapies most ancient that exist, and is documented in the historical sources of many peoples, like the indian, the chinese and above all the Greek (the term “massage” dates back to the Greek word that means knead, which describes very well one of the main manipulations of this discipline). Already five centuries before Christ, the famous physician Hippocrates praised the therapeutic properties of massage.

The healing power of the hands and its beneficial effects are recorded largely in our subconscious, without have to resort to written instructions. For example, if we think of our intuitive discernment when we have a headache. Many times, without realizing it, we take hands to the head and with the tip of the fingers started to massage our temples, and forehead, or rub with the middle fingers and index the area of the birth of the eyebrows, just where is the nose. Without even thinking, without having read any book or to have attended courses to learn how to give massage, we apply the technique of acupressure is appropriate for our condition and with it we experience some relief of headache.

When is it considered that “touch” is a massage?,

to Give a massage does not mean a caress on the skin of the other more or less superficial. A massage requires dedication and energy, and the involvement and concentration of the whole person. When “give” someone a massage, you offer much more than the simple application of movements or techniques of rubbing or kneading: we’re also providing an intense personal service.

When you provide a massage our hands emanate energy and heat that is received by the skin of the receiver. it is Not necessary to be a person too esoteric to notice this type of phenomena, in the background we are energy, and this is able to be transmitted via the touch.

Humans need physical contact, this is one more way we have to relate to, to give us to understand and receive information from the outside. Although it seems something essential and easy to perform, it is true that in our hectic day we barely have time to establish a closer contact with the people that surround us, and with this we create in the long run a way more cool to get around with our environment. Thus, many times we find ourselves with people who avoid body contact, who are uncomfortable with a hug or a greeting that is too effusive. But, why lose the great benefits of bodily communication and physical contact?

there Are many who see in the massage a way of getting the mental and physical well being. Relax the body and quiet the mind by using the technical manuals, the creation of a close bond with the therapist, which is ready to deliver energy, vitality and dedication in their task of “heal”, are reasons enough to try to remove the barrier of shyness or intolerance to exceed the line of living space.

on the other hand, the person who performs the massage is also perceived itself, se becomes more aware of its power, his strength and the fluidity of his movements. And is that touching another person automatically imply be noticeable to oneself and to be aware of one’s own body. For this reason, a massage is something deeper than a simple physical contact, does not remain in the mere surface, but transcends to levels of emotional and spiritual of who offers and who receives the therapy.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Massage?


  • Improves circulation
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  • Relaxes the muscles
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  • aids digestion
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  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
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  • Reduces stress and anxiety
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  • pain reliever
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  • Exerts an overall sensation of well-being over the person

Today we are witnessing a re-appreciation of the massage therapy. This manual is reconquering the place that has been since ancient times, exactly in the field of health, as a supplement to other medical techniques, and as a means to help us to maintain an excellent health, both physical and mental.