More sex, more money…What you know?

Is more than clear that the more active your sex life tendrás a better health, both mental and physical, but these two areas are not the only ones who benefit from a productive routine, your pocket does too.

A study of the Anglia Ruskin University in the Uk demonstrated that people who have sex two or three times a week earn 4.5% more than their peers less “involved in the sexual topic”. The researchers also found that men who do not have sex earning 1.3% less than those who do practice it regularly.

on the other hand, Dr. Nick Drydakis, along with his team, analyzed the data of 7,500 Greek citizens, paying special attention to the association between the sexual activity of the respondents and their monthly salary. In this study they found a strong correlation between the two areas: “The social analysis suggests that health, cognitive skills and non-cognitive, and personality are very important factors that also affect the level of wages” written.

in order To clarify these concepts, Drydakis specific: “The great literature of the medical and psychological conclude that sexual activity is associated with good health and the enrichment of the physical and mental capabilities, as well as the psychological well-being and the dietary habits of the person.”

If we pass the Psychological plane, according to the Pyramid of Maslow, that speaks of the hierarchy of human needs, it can be said that people who feel more happy and satisfied in your personal life, be more productive and successful at the working level.

The theory of Maslow on human motivation puts as physiological need basic sexual activity, being one of the pillars along with eat, breathe and rest. Maslow says that the whole person needs to love and feel loved, both in the field of sexual or non-sexual. When there is absence of these elements, the person becomes susceptible to loneliness, and to manifest social anxiety or depressive processes, factors that end up affecting their working life; in short, its personal scope will directly affect your economy and success in your professional life.

Another study, also very interesting, said the employees who suffer health problems are sexually less active, which re-confirm to the researchers that the sex life directly affects the health and happiness of the workers.

Although you’re doing numerous studies on the topic, there are still unanswered questions as does Having more sex improves performance on the job? or Who get more income are more likely to be sexually active? What is clear is that we all should have more sexual activity.

does Not mean that immediately, to increase the pace of the use of your bed to go to increase the volume of your portfolio, but proven is that you have a good sex life improves your health and the vision about yourself, with which in the long run you will enter in the statistics of workers, sexually active, happy and with a higher percentage of income… try it 😉