Why do people gain weight after which lose weight?

the One constant fight with the scale to keep the body weight within a healthy range comes complicating the life of many people. Some, even, begin a diet, and, soon after, realize that the amount of weight that had been eliminated beginning to return.

However, this reaction of the body has an explanation. According to the nutritionist Sophie Gave, the diet restrictive it causes the brain to perceive weight loss as a great danger, therefore, develops coping mechanisms for protection.

So, just by increasing the appetite and decreasing the metabolism, so that, when you eat, there is no risk of lose fat.

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scientific Proof

Through scientific studies, the nutritionist came to the following conclusion: “diets are in the long term, the most important source of weight gain of the people.” By means of this result, she believes that not doing them is the way to live with quality and with the healthy weight.

The famous schemes may even work in the beginning, but about 90% or 95% of the people return to the initial weight, or even surpass. “The brain doesn’t notice the weight loss as a success of beauty; notice it as a great danger, therefore, develops coping mechanisms to protect you,” explains Sophie.

Starting from the study of the nutrigenômica – the science that treats of the foods talk to our genes, Sophie presents a scientific method and revolutionary, in that the calorie counting and food restrictions radicals are prohibited, that is, to lose weight, nothing diet. “Make a diet restrictive is one of the things that frightens and stresses your body and your brain,” he says.

applied Science

The result of all the dedication on the subject on the part of the nutritionist has resulted in the design of a book “The Weight of Diets”. The work is structured in five chapters: in which we Live today is a terrorism of nutrition, we do Not know more what to eat, The brain power, The secrets of Sophie and the Secrets of Sophie in Practice.

In a way that is clear and objective, it tells your “Seven Secrets” to lose weight in a sustainable manner and restoring the pleasure of eating real food. At the end of the book, there is a section of tips on how to organize your day-to-day in the kitchen, with more than 50 recipes that are tasty and easy to prepare, many of them sent by their friends from around the world!

“I Want to show how important it is to listen to your body and not force it to go in a direction that he does not want to! We are increasingly at war with our body. Instead of taking care of it the best way possible, we try to force it to go in a direction that he often does not want to go, because he knows that is not the direction most healthy,” concludes Sophie.