Who is healthier: sugar or sweetener?

In time to sweeten food and drink, people will opt for sweetener or sugar because they believe that one of the two ingredients is more healthy than the other. But is that how it works?

The nutritionist Marcia Daskal explains that the sweetener and the sugar, although they have the same purpose, are different substances.

sucrose, “table sugar”, is a carbohydrate simple. composed of fructose and glucose, natural cane sugar or other vegetables. The sweetener is a substance not caloric with sweetness higher than that of sugar and therefore is used in small doses.

photo: Pixabay

The sweetener is an ingredient that is seen by many people as more healthy than sugar, but it still is not something scientifically proven.

The sweetening substitute for sucrose, with the goal of reducing the caloric value of the food and drinks, but this does not mean that the food becomes something necessarily light. > > > > There are products that have a large amount of fat in the formulation.

The absence of sugar does not transform the food into something more healthy. What matters is the way and the amount with which the ingredient is consumed. “If the individual, in addition to obesity, have diabetes, for example, can be strategy of a nutritionist or doctor that comes with it to opt for a sweetener in most of the times, highlights Marcia Daskal.

Sugar and sweetener for those who practice physical exercises

The use of sugar and sweetener for those who practice the exercises is also something that raises many questions. According to the survey carried out by the Institute Dante Pazzanese of Cardiology in the framework of the Campaign Sweet Balance, 73% of the population which consumes the sugar and the practice of physical activities is with the proper weight.

The consumption of sugar or sweetener in the lives of those who exercise regularly depends a lot on context. The endocrinologist Maurice Mancini said: “For the athlete, the use of sugar and glucose may be necessary, depending on the type, duration and intensity of physical activity”.

The most appropriate is to ingest a carbohydrate simple before exercise, as this will give you the energy to do the activities. “thus, a piece of fruit or a loaf of bread with jam are good choices. For after the activity, it is recommended to ingest a carbohydrate and a protein, the latter will help in the construction of the muscles. There is not a right rule, but it is essential if diet before and after workout”, alert the physical trainer, Marcio Atalla.

which will make your lifestyle to be healthy, not dependent on one ingredient alone; this is a consequence of a set of factors that range from a balanced diet and practice regular activities.