What is the reason of the fat in the abdomen?

Qany person realize that you are overweight when some localized fat begin to appear in the region of the abdomen.

Responsible for the great concentration of fats, many women (and even men) are seeking to burn the fat from the belly through physical exercise, aesthetic treatments, and even surgery.

Cristina Cairo says in his book that the fats in the abdomen can mean lack of knowledge of his own essence. So, know yourself and not let yourself get used to the belly flaccid and lack of self-knowledge.

Abdomen according to Cristina Cairo

I Think that a lot of people purchased this book mainly to read about the subject abdomen, is not the same? The abdomen has become a mystery even to the professionals in the area. There are theories on the various trying to explain why it is so difficult to burn the fat from the abdomen. While some experts claim that a balanced diet combined with abdominal exercises, can resolve the problem, others claim that, are convinced, that not diet and much less the exercises represent the solution.

plastic Surgeons, in turn, live by correcting the same problem, repeatedly, for the same customer while there are people who prefer to fill up the muscles in the abdomen and waist, through weight training exercise, to ensure the absence of the dreaded fat.

Women and men of long slender non-conforming when the tummy appears, which leads them to go on a diet to lose weight still more, in the hope of losing, definitely, that boss. Among those who attend gyms, clinics, massage, or resort to plastic surgery, not everyone can achieve their goals. On the other hand, there are also those who do not do any type of exercise, eat well and, however, do not have such a tummy. Is when you re-emerge the theories trying to explain this phenomenon. What impresses me is the lack of information, which should be given by teachers to students of an academy. In the gyms where I work it is common for students to come and consult me on which gym would be more appropriate to take the tummy.

Demonstrate to know everything and claim not to believe in the gym and not in the diet.

Was pasma to hear so many lay people taking their own conclusions just because they had never managed good results in the gym.

I Feel that this problem is not of students but of the systems of the academies that insist on copying the americans with workout, workout and workout, without any information about the theoretical awareness of the body and the right power.

This system does not allow that the teachers do not train their students in the direction of relax a little bit and listen, because listening is just as important as working out.

The student will need to know how many times a week you need to exercise, as well as must know what the rhythm of a particular year affects the gain or loss of muscle mass or fat.

I Observe the students without any discipline, entering and exiting a classroom, at any time, without take care of the heating required for the health and beauty of the body. Unfortunately, most of them are so uninformed that some have come to be offended when the teacher asks them to not be late for classes. Do you think that is the whim of authoritative teacher.

Now, let’s see: why all this indiscipline is tolerated at the academies? Response invariant: “We are dealing with human beings who think and who have their skills. Many have not had, in childhood, the opportunity to get to know your own body through exercise or sports. Hence, the demand for gyms to flee emotional issues and think a little on themselves”.

Therefore, as teachers of physical education may not require the student to discipline, this will never achieve good results. After all, a gym is a mix of therapy and leisure and, in some cases, those who attend is only wanting to be distracted, flirt, or just chat. The exercises for a few to serve only as a desencargo of consciousness.

Fortunately, many professionals take in academies awareness of the body, although there is a certain resistance on the part of the system. These professionals had already been thinking about to change their methods of operation, adhering to the eastern knowledge that it works on the person as a whole. The self-knowledge that answers all the questions of the human being.

let us Remember the famous phrase of Socrates, Greek philosopher (469-399 a. (C), when awakened to the Truth when visiting the temple of Delphi: “Know thyself.”

Dear reader, so be prepared to dive in the deepest part of your being and visit the one your unknown self, and therefore as feared. Relax and let us, together, to travel through your abdomen. Sure you esbarrará in your own resistors and, probably, feel like giving up instead of confronting, because you will have to make radical changes in your life when you return from this trip.

But do not worry. I’ll always be by your side to guide you when the heavy emotions they want to scare him or choke him.

Just relax, reflect and let the boat of your mind will lead you to the portal of the answers.