Veganism on high: learn about the benefits of vegan diet

Many people must have already heard about veganism, but in fact does not know what the term means.

The word is used to define a style of life in which individuals adherents to it do not consume anything of animal origin, whether food, cosmetics, cleaning products, medicines etc. While it seems to be a way of living is radical, it is in growth in Brazil and in the world.

according To the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB), the number of affiliates increased by more than 60% in the past twelve months. In addition, a survey made by the institution, through Google Trends, revealed that the volume of searches for the term “vegan” had an increase of 700% in the country between 2011 and 2015.

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This growth is clear of the vegan lifestyle has done with which companies change the ways of preparing their products. “It is visible to the expansion of the market, mainly by the growth of shops and restaurants that, increasingly, turn their menus for the public to vegan and vegetarian.

in addition, we have noticed a large increase in the number of companies that are investing in the launch of products that have no ingredients of animal origin”, explains the president of SVB Ricardo Laurino.

Opinion of the professionals in human nutrition

Despite being a way of looking at life different and more humanitarian, there are those who criticize veganism because of the options in the food, claiming that fans can be without nutrients essential for the functioning of the body. In fact, this prerogative is easily debunked by nutritionists and experts in human health.

in addition, these professionals oppose the idea of common sense, having in view that the positive effects of this style of life is not just to prevent the death of animals, but also improve the health, environment and even the economy of the family.

Nutritionist list the benefits of veganism

For the nutritionist and consultant to the brand vegan SuperBom, Cyntia Maureen, people only need information about the vegan diet. Thus, it creates an awareness of how power can change situations around the individuals.

“the more a person know the provenance of what is consumed, the needs of one’s own body and the composition of a balanced diet, which is able to provide the nutrients needed, the more sure she will have that you are on the right path as to your eating habits, thus improving their quality of life,” says the nutritionist, who lists the benefits of this diet.

1. The vegan diet saves thousands of human lives

according to research done by the University of Oxford and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in 2016, veganism can save 8.1 million of human lives by 2050. This is because, according to the scholars, veganism avoids the emergence of serious diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, heart problems and cancer.

2. Decreases the risk of cancer

Speaking of cancer, the prevention of this disease is another benefit provided by the vegan diet. This information is a complement to the statement made by the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015, where the agency stated that the excessive consumption of processed meats such as sausage, ham, salami, mortadella, dried meat and canned meat, increases the risk of developing cancer. Then, if the vegan diet excludes these foods, the risk decreases consequently.

3. Veganism contributes to the slimming

“because it contains a variety of vegetables and whole foods, diet, vegan is usually rich in fibers that will cause people to eat smaller portions and increase the feeling of satiety, contributing to weight loss and also for proper functioning of the intestine,” says Cyntia Maureen.

4. Life style saves animals

it Is obvious to say that veganism saves animals, with the view that the death of these living beings remains only because there are those who consume. Why adopt veganism “is the best way to help animals and end their suffering. In factory farms there are many cases in which they are kept in conditions that outrageous and in tight spaces,” explains the nutritionist.

5. It is a sustainable attitude

The region that is today the most responsible for the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, with a view to that the producers need space to create in cattle and other animals, but it also needs great locations to plant food consumed by these living beings. “According to the FAO (United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture) is spending 16 times more water to produce one pound (the equivalent to 0,453 kg) of beef protein compared to vegetable protein”, alert the specialist.

6. Improves the family budget

it Is a myth to say that you can only be vegan if you have the money, considering that this is a lifestyle that is more economical if compared to the habits of food-based meats. “In a conventional diet, the consumption of animal flesh which ends up adding to the shopping, since the product has a high added value. In the case of vegans, the basis of the diet includes vegetables, legumes, vegetables and cereals, which are the cheap food on the shelves of the supermarket”, which terminates the nutritional Cyntia Maureen.