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When the hair removal is part of your beauty routine regular, you can use several methods on different parts of your face and body.

You can even be thinking about methods of permanent removal so that you have less things to do in the morning.

You have many options, so you can try different ways to make your skin more smooth.

> Booting

How it works: You pull the individual hairs by the root with tweezers. Best for: small areas of the face

How long it lasts: 3-8 weeks

Tips: tweezers cleaned with alcohol before and after each use to reduce the likelihood of infection.

Possible side effects: If the hair breaks, it could grow back under the skin, causing a jam.

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(VIDEO) Myths About Hair removal with Blade Revealed

> Shaving

How it works: Using a razor or electric shaver, you cut the hair very close to the skin.

Tips: If you use disposable razors, wet your skin and use soap or shaving cream.

shave in the direction of the growth of the hairs. Replace your razor always, to stay sharp, but be careful.

Best for: it Works anywhere.

How long it lasts: 1-3 days

Possible side effects: ingrown hairs, especially in the area of the bikini.

> Waxing

How it works: A cosmetologist spreads sticky wax on your skin, then covers it with strips of cloth.

When the wax dries, the strips are quickly pulled out, bringing all the hair with it.

Some types of wax can be pulled off without strips of cloth.

Best for: any part of the body, including the face, underarms, legs and bikini area

How long it lasts: 3-6 weeks

Possible side effects: Redness. You can also have an infection around the hair follicles.

The more often you wax, the less likely that you have an infection.

Tips: The hair has to be at least a quarter of an inch long for the wax to grab it.

So let your hair grow for a few weeks before the waxing intimate waxing.

> Laser / Pulsed Light

How it works: it Is destroyed at the roots with strong beams of light.

The laser hair removal is really the most effective way of reduction by the long-term.

Best for: Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) work anywhere on the body.

it Is best for women with dark hair and light skin. It will not work on white hair and doesn’t work well on blonde hair too.

How long it lasts: it Can take between 6-12 treatments to see the results.

You may need to return every 6-12 months for a touchup.

Possible side effects: swelling or redness.

Because there is also a chance of burning and scarring, it is best to have laser treatments, where there is a doctor on the team.

UPDATED: 07.06.17



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