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Several product announcements promise to end acne in a matter of moments, however, the goal of those who suffer with acne problems.

Is that this problem does not come back, and for this it is necessary the accompaniment of a professional dermatologist.

The professional will evaluate the degree of acne home treatment that pervades the face, the skin type, and finally, suggest the product and treatment is most suitable, being the first of all, suggest a healthier diet, as well as a cleaning in the region of the pimples.

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Homemade Recipes for Acne:

There are several recipes that are popularly known for the treatment of acne, however, not always they are effective, may cause inflammation or an improvement in momentary.

Because of this it is necessary very careful in the administration of the homemade recipes.

The juice of the lemon ingested, and the ingestion of green tea, are two recipes that can be administered with peace of mind, because the green tea has anti-inflammatory action, preventing the pimples sore.

This tea can also be used to wash the face, but may not contain sugar in your liquid solution.

The treatment with the lemon directly on the skin can cause stains and burns and, because of this, the ideal is to ingest the juice at least twice a week, and this ingredient also has anti-inflammatory action.

home cures are not miraculous, therefore, to opt for the use of these methods, it is ideal that the individual has good sense and healthy eating.

as Well as the intake of plenty of water and cleanliness appropriate to the region containing acne.

The Query with the Professional:

The medical follow-up is ideal especially in men who have many pimples on my face, because sometimes what looks like the spine can be an inflammation in the hair follicles of the beard, and should be treated otherwise.

The professional will prescribe a soap suitable for the drying of the pimples, so that the constant use to prevent more pimples arise on the skin.

And the pimples existing regridam size and disappear with the use of the soap, which contains important components for this treatment.

The professional dermatologist may also start or suggest after the treatment to fight pimples, a new treatment, to soften the scars that the pimples leave, that may arise with the action of squeezing the pimples, or with the simple appearance of the same.

Can arise also some patches on the skin due to pimples and scars, and there are treatments for this, however, are treatments a little more expensive and that it takes time for a satisfactory result.


treatments for acne symptoms can be made with mostly the soap special, to keep the area of acne clean and free of bacteria.

it Can be still suggested by the professional, pills or lotions, it all depends on actually the kind of spine that the person owns.

May be a large amount of pimples, some have odor, some are painful and inflamed, and may have deep injuries, as they leave holes in the skin causing sores.

The main causes of pimple are mainly hormonal changes, during the entry of puberty, diet rich in fats, sugar and fried foods, stress, use of make-up out-of-date or of low quality.

Skin bad hygiene, moisturizing creams, oily or greasy applied to the face.

adverse Reaction to chemical components of certain drugs, genetic factors and sun exposure.

Each factor cited above is considered by the dermatologist at the time of suggest a treatment for the acne problem, and because the source of the problem, is that it will be diagnosed with the degree of acne that the skin has.

This degree of acne is important in the treatment as the professional dermatologist will determine if the acne should be treated from the inside to the outside, considering especially the feed and combat the toxins that cause acne.

as for the problems of acne bacteria softer will receive a treatment more superficial, with the use of soaps and lotions for dryness of the acne, so that will disappear.

The importance of nutrition and the intake of plenty of water, it is mainly to prevent a new outbreak of acne to appear, and then submit again to the natural treatment against acne.

And this method prevents new pimples from appearing, causing spots or scars that leave the skin looking undesirable.

UPDATED: 06.06.17



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