Top 5 foods Burn Fat

Foods that help you burn fat naturally and effectively, remember that every one of the foods that we consume have an impact on physical and emotional in our body, and this influences how it works in our metabolism.

Today we leave you a list of 5 foods that you should include in your diet to accelerate fat loss and improve your health.


they Are rich in antioxidants, so that you delay the aging process, plus it doesn’t are fruits high in calories so you can consume them to newspapers and combining them. You can choose from raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, red fruits that you like. Eat them with your cereal, such as fruit mid-morning or as a smoothie mid-afternoon, and when it is with water.


Containing 90% water, in addition to being fiber-rich foods. They have almost no calories and if you consume regularly, boosts your metabolism, so you’ll start to burn more fat. On the other hand, the consumption of fungi, strengthens your defenses and favors the proper functioning of the thyroid.

3.- EGGS

The eggs are foods rich in protein and contain very few calories. There are studies that show that eating egg whites regularly may prevent various cardiovascular problems. So it is a excellent option to incorporate into your diet weekly.


they Are an excellent alternative for eating between meals, are rich in protein and fat, natural nutrients are excellent for maintaining a healthy your skin and hair. Take them roasted or natural, never fried or with salt.


salmon is a fish rich in omega 3, which help to speed up the metabolism, reduce inflammation in the body and prevent cardiac arrhythmias. Take it to the ironing and baking and enjoy its flavor and benefits.

This top 5 food fat burning, you can easily find in the market, are foods that you should include in your diet and you will see how, along with a regular physical exercise and intake of plenty of water, you’ll burn fat and improve your appearance with more effectiveness.

Remember that there are no magical foods to lose fat or improve your physical state, but if you eat regularly with foods that we mentioned you will get to improve the functioning of your digestive system, burn more fat and also improve the appearance of your skin.

Source: Salud180. com