what is Tofu, it is Good for You?

Some can not rave enough about its benefits, versatility and health.

Others think it is a poison genetically modified to be avoided at all cost.

This article will explain all the interesting aspects of Tofu, their advantages and disadvantages, so that you understand if you should include it in your diet or not.

>> what is Tofu?

Tofu benefits is a food soy milk condensate that is pressed into solid blocks of white. Originated in China, and the process is quite similar to the way cheese is made.

There are rumors that a cook chinese discovered the tofu for more than 2,000 years ago by accidentally mix up a batch of soy milk fresh with nigari .

Nigari is what is left when the salt is extracted from sea water. Is a coagulant rich in minerals used to help the tofu to solidify and hold its shape.

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>> This is how the fresh Tofu looks like:

The majority of soybean in the world today is grown in the USA, and a very large proportion is genetically modified.

Although genetically modified foods are controversial, the research up to now could not no proof that they are harmful to human health.

however, if you are worried about it, simply opt for organic Tofu, without genetic modification.

conclusion: Tofu is made from soya milk condensate, in a process similar to how it is done the cheese. If made from gmo soybeans or not, tofu is generally considered safe for human consumption.

>> Tofu contains lots of nutrients

Tofu is rich in protein , and contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs. It also contains fats, carbohydrates, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

100 grams of tofu contains:

Protein: 8 grams.

Carbohydrates: 2 grams.

Fiber: 1 gram.

Fat: 4 grams.

Manganese: 31% of the RDI.

Calcium: 20% of the RDI.

Selenium: 14% of the RDI.

Phosphorus: 12% of the RDI.

copper: 11% of the RDI.

Magnesium: 9% of the RDI.

Iron: 9% of the RDI.

Zinc: 6% of RDI.

This comes with just 70 calories, which makes the tofu a food rich in nutrients.

however, the content of micronutrients of tofu can vary, depending on the coagulant used to make it. Nigari adds more magnesium and calcium.

conclusion: Tofu is low in calories, but rich in proteins and fat. It also contains many important vitamins and minerals.

>> Tofu also contains Anti

As the majority of plant foods, tofu contains several anti.

These include:

trypsin Inhibitors: These compounds block trypsin, an enzyme needed to properly digest the protein.

Phytates: phytates can reduce the absorption of minerals, such as calcium, zinc, and iron.

Lectinas: lectinas are proteins that can cause nausea and bloating when raw, poorly cooked or eaten in excess.

however, the soybean soaking and cooking may inactivate or eliminate some of these anti.

The fermentation can also reduce the anti-nutrients. For this reason, make sure to add probiotic foods to your diet, such as miso, tempeh, tamari or natto.

conclusion: Tofu contains anti as trypsin inhibitors, phytates and lectinas.

it Is possible to degrade these anti, which increases the nutritional value of tofu.

>> Tofu Contains Isoflavones Beneficial

soy contains natural compounds in plants called isoflavones.

These isoflavones function as phytoestrogens , which means that they can join and activate the estrogen receptors in the body.

This produces effects similar to the hormone estrogen, although they are more weak.

The two main isoflavones of soy are genistein and daidzeĆ­na, and tofu contains 20.2-24.7 mg of isoflavones per 100 grams.

Many of the health benefits of tofu are assigned to the high content of isoflavones.

conclusion: All soy products contains isoflavones, which have multiple health benefits.

>> Tofu can reduce the risk of heart disease

Few studies have looked specifically to the effects of tofu on the health of the heart.

however, the research done showed that a high consumption of legumes, including soy, is linked to lower rates of heart disease.

we also Know that soybean isoflavones can reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels and improve their elasticity.

One study found that supplementation with 80 mg of isoflavones per day for 12 weeks improves the blood circulation in 68% in patients with risk of stroke.

Take 50 grams of soy protein per day is also related to the improvement of fats in the blood and a risk of 10% lower estimated heart disease.

in Addition, in post-menopausal women, high intake of isoflavona de soya has been associated with several factors of protection of the heart.

Finally, tofu also contains saponins, compounds that are believed to have protective effects on the health of the heart.

Studies in animals have shown that the saponins improves the cholesterol in the blood and increase the elimination of bile acids.

conclusion: food, soy whole grain such as tofu may improve various markers of heart health. This can lead to a reduction in the risk of heart disease.

>> Tofu is linked to a reduced risk of some types of cancer

Studies have investigated the effects of tofu on cancers of the breast, prostate, and digestive system.

The research shows that women who eat soy products at least once per week have a risk 48-56% less breast cancer.

In theory, this protection comes from isoflavones, also are playing a role to positively influence the estrogen cycle and levels of menstrual blood.

it Seems that exposure to soy during childhood and adolescence may be more effective, but this does not mean that the intake after that will not be beneficial.

In fact, research shows that women who ate soy products at least once per week throughout adolescence and adulthood had a 24% lower risk of developing breast cancer, compared with those who ate soy during adolescence.

One of the criticisms that we often hear talk about the tofu price and other soy products is that they may increase the risk of breast cancer, this is a myth, there is no study that proves this.

>> Tofu and cancers of the digestive system

A study found that a higher consumption of tofu was linked to a risk 61% less stomach cancer in men.

A second study reported a risk 59 percent lower in women.

in Addition, a recent analysis of 633,476 participants linked the intake of soy showed a risk 7% less cancer in the digestive system.

>> Tofu and prostate cancer

Two review studies have found that men who consume larger amounts of soy, especially tofu, have had a risk 32-51% less to develop prostate cancer.

A third assessment agrees with this, but adds the beneficial effects of isoflavones may depend on the amount consumed and the type of intestinal bacteria present.

conclusion: The research indicates that soy has a protective effect against breast, digestive and prostate.

>> Tofu can reduce the risk of diabetes

In the last 10 years, several studies of cells, and tests in animals have shown that isoflavones from soy may have benefits for the control of sugar in the blood.

In a study of post-menopausal women healthy, 100 mg of soybean isoflavones reduced the sugar in the blood by 15% and insulin levels by 23%

For post-menopausal women with diabetes, 30 grams of protein, isolated soy reduced levels of the insulin-fasting at 8.1%, the insulin resistance at 6.5%, the LDL cholesterol in 7.1% and the total cholesterol of 4.1%.

In another study, taking isoflavones, every day for one year improved insulin sensitivity and blood fats, in addition it also reduced the risk of heart disease.

conclusion: Tofu can have positive effects on the control of sugar in the blood.

>> Other health benefits potential of Tofu

Due to its high content of isoflavones, tofu can also have benefits for:

bone Health: The scientific data suggests that 80 mg of soybean isoflavones by dia can reduce bone loss, especially in early menopause.

brain Function: The isoflavones in the soy may have a positive influence on memory and brain function, especially for the women above 65 years.

Symptoms of menopause The isoflavones in the soy can help reduce hot flashes.

The elasticity of the skin: Take 40 mg of isoflavones of soy per day significantly reduced wrinkles and improved elasticity of the skin after 8-12 weeks.

weight loss: Taking soybean isoflavones for 8-52 weeks resulted in an average weight loss of 4.5 kg.

conclusion: Due to its high content of isoflavones, tofu recipe may have benefits for a variety of health conditions.

>> Tofu can cause problems for some people

Eating tofu and other foods soy is usually be safe. However, you may want to moderate your intake if you have:

Stones in the kidneys or gall bladder: Tofu contains a good amount of oxalates, which can worsen the kidneys or the gallbladder.

Tumors of the breast: Due to the hormonal effects of the weak tofu, some doctors say women with breast tumors sensitive to estrogen to limit their soy intake.

thyroid Problems: Some professionals also advise individuals with the function of the thyroid poor to avoid the tofu, due to its goitrogenconteĆŗdo.

however, not all researchers agree. Some even say that the food consumption of soy such as tofu can benefit people with kidney stones.

in addition, a recent report of the European Food Safety authority (EFSA) has concluded that soy and isoflavones do not represent concerns for the cancers of the breast and of the uterus or the function of the thyroid.

researchers, however, agree that children should not be exposed to the isoflavones of soybeans, which can disrupt the development of reproductive organs.

Although this has not been well studied in humans, some animal studies suggest that high amounts of soy can interfere with fertility.

conclusion: to Eat tofu is safe for most people. If you are concerned about the negative health effects, talk with your doctor.

>> How to select Tofu or make your own

Tofu can be purchased in bulk or individual packages.

You can also find it dehydrated, freeze-dried, packaged or canned.

You can see ingredients like soybeans, water, coagulants (like calcium sulfate, magnesium chloride, or gluconolactone delta) and maybe some seasoning. If there are more things to avoid.

once opened, tofu in blocks have to be washed before being used.

leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator, covered with water. Stored this way, the tofu can be kept for up to a week.

Tofu also can be frozen in its original packaging, for up to five months.

Finally, to make your own tofu is also a possibility. All you need is the soy, lemon and water.

conclusion: Tofu can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. the Tofu homemade it is also surprisingly easy to make.

Tofu is a healthy food

Tofu is rich in protein and many nutrients healthy.

Eat tofu can protect you against a variety of health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer.

UPDATED: 01.06.17



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