To treat the syndrome of dry eye with vitamin supplements

have You ever felt your dry eye? This is the main characteristic of a problem that bothers a lot of people but that has treatment. The ophthalmologist Renato Neves, president and ceo of the Eye Care Hospital de Olhos, São Paulo, clarifies some of the doubts related to the theme. Track.

what is the syndrome of the dry eye?

It happens when the eyes do not produce tears enough. This may affect the lubrication of the eyeball and evolve to an ulcer, or, in extreme cases, cause loss of vision.

what to do to avoid this problem?

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according To the ophthalmologist, a diet rich in nutrients can prevent eye disease. So, it is good to be ready in the consumption of fruits, vegetables, proteins and cereals. In the absence of these, it is best to invest in vitamin supplements.

How vitamins can help in eye health?

“people need to understand the role of vitamins and not overdoing it, as if it were a resource of miraculous. More than that, no one should buy these supplements without first consulting a doctor, as there may be developments unwanted to the health. Usually, patients with the syndrome of the dry eye have to make use of artificial tears or even ointments on the most severe cases. Those who live in cities with high rates of pollution should worry even more. Dry environments with air-conditioning, or even the cabins pressurized aircraft also deserve special attention, as they contribute to destabilize the tear film,” explains the ophthalmologist Renato Neves.

What are the causes of dry eye?

With the daily use of the computer, the expert warns that it is one of the main causes of the problem. He tells how this happens: “the person who fixed their eyes on the monitor for a long time just blinking less and ressecando the eyes. As tears are essential for eye health, there can be a worsening of the framework. Another problem related to the work environment is the excessive artificial light. An office much too bright it is so harmful as to look directly into the light of the sun through the window. So, when a person is using the computer, it should reduce by half the lamps of the environment and seek to control the entry of natural light with curtains or films. In addition, if you can position the workstation so that the light enters laterally on the environment, better for the eyes.”

is There any tip for those who already suffer with this problem?

“the Blink is a holy remedy for tired eyes and can prevent crises from dry eye, since, when flashing, the eyes are lubricated – which prevents, also, the irritation of the eye. Those working or studying for many hours in front of the computer should stop for a moment to blink several times in a row, to look away and to the sides, and only then, get back to work. This should be done several times a day, every day. Another tip is to take breaks more long runs every two hours of computer use. Thus, it is possible to relax the view, relax the neck, stretch the body, stretch the legs, walk, take water (which is always important) and resume the activity with more mind and fresh eyes,” suggests the doctor.