Canker sores – Causes and Symptoms

• what are they?

The canker sores are nothing but open wounds and painful that arise in the region of the mouth, mainly on the inner walls and on the tongue. They can be white or yellow and come with surroundings a reddish color.

• the Main causes of Thrush

The aphthae are the most frequent forms of ulcer in the region of the nozzle and arise especially in individuals who, for some reason, are with the immunity low. The use of certain drugs or diseases specific can also cause the disease, but some of them:

– Aids/HIV: the presence of THE HIV virus in the body (which can lead to AIDS) attacks the body’s immune system. In this sense, people who have the virus are more conducive to the emergence of aphthas.

– Diabetes: A chronic disease that, when poorly controlled or treated, can also generate the thrush. The reason is another: the lack of treatment causes the saliva of the individual is always with a high concentration of sugar, thus favoring the emergence and the growth of the fungus that generates the thrush.

– Cancer: The patient-carcinogenic, and also has a deficiency in their immunity when is diagnosed with the disease – mainly on account of exposure to strong treatments of radio-and chemotherapy.

– vaginal Infections: These infections are caused by the same fungus responsible for the onset of cold sore. For more that are not so dangerous such infections should be treated in the case of pregnant women, since the disease can end up passing from mother to child.

in addition, other factors that can raise the trigger of thrush are hormonal cycles desregulados (as during menstruation), deficiency of folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron in the body, emotional stress and allergy to certain foods.

• Symptoms of thrush

as Soon as the cold sore develops in the mouth, the patient can barely feel his presence. The symptoms soon appear, may be more or less aggressive (that depends on each individual), and can persist for a short or a long time.

The most common among them are:

– the Emergence of open wounds and small within the mouth – these are yellowish or white. Usually appear in the walls of the mouth and tongue;
– Pain in the wound;
– Dryness of the side of the mouth;
– Redness;
– Light bleeding (in case of injury in the wound);
– Slight loss of taste.

In more rare cases other symptoms are: feeling unwell, fever and the appearance of lymph nodes in the neck region.

• Treatments for cold sore

The canker sores appear and go away alone – the reason for which in the majority of cases treatment is not necessary.

For those who feel very uncomfortable with the presence of ulcers, there is the possibility of passing a home remedy, which, in addition to relieving pain, it helps to make it go away as soon as possible. To prepare it, make a solution with 50% water and 50% hydrogen peroxide and apply with a cotton pad or swab in the region.

treatment of cold sore that has as its main objective (when it is requested) to prevent the person causing the same to spread through the rest of the body, which varies based on the conditions of health, age and even causes a small infection.


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