Is muscle pain? This tea solves the problem

Whether through a lack of regular physical activities or a lot of effort that you ended up doing during the day, the muscle aches are symptoms that end up interfering in the day-to-day a lot of people. To end up with these annoyances once and for all, what do you think of preparing a tea full of properties?

Resorting to natural ingredients is a good way to end up with muscle aches and pains. This is a proposal that is evidenced by the Fitoterapeuta Naturopath, André Resende, in your recipes. Through the properties of the herb used, the discomfort muscle disappears entirely.

Before you know the recipe, pay attention to the properties that some of the plants used in the recipe feature. Some of them, including, are already well-known by a large part of the people, especially by the frequency with which they appear in the teas and indications in natural medicine.

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Properties of some of the ingredients

bay Leaves

The main nutrients of the laurel are potassium, fibre, carbohydrate, vitamins B6 and C, magnesium, and folic acid. For this the herb displays anti-inflammatory properties, antirreumáticas, diuretic, digestive, among others. Muscle and joint pain – especially those caused by rheumatism and arthritis are alleviated in a progressive manner, until they stop completely.


ginger is a root of asian origin used by the entire world. Its therapeutic properties and medicinal, are too well known. Among the many properties that it presents, its use is linked to anti-inflammatory action, antioxidant and anticoagulant.


rosemary is a herb widely used in cooking and also to treat any health problems. It helps to relieve the pain of migraines, arthritis and other pains such as, joint and muscle. Rosemary contains anti-inflammatory powerful that inhibit the enzyme that causes pain and inflammation in the body. They are: the carnosic acid and carnosol.

make a Note of the recipe tea


-10 bay leaves (great for muscle aches and cramps);
-4 slices of ginger (a powerful anti-inflammatory);
-1 handful of rosemary (anti-inflammatory, soothing );
-1 handful of chamomile (calming, analgesic);
-Half a litre of filtered water.

Mode of prepare

With the help of a pan, pour all of the water and light the fire. Once the water is boiling, add all other ingredients and let it boil for about 10 minutes. After this time, turn off the heat and preserve the capped container for five more minutes. This will help in the process of the infusion of herbs.

after this time, with the help of a sieve, remove all the weeds, leaving only the liquid. The indication is that they should be eaten up to three cups of the tea per day, one in the morning, another in the afternoon and the last part of the night.