This tea for flu was a secret

let’s Not talk only of a cup of tea, but many recipes tea for flu that were considered secrets of the older. It is only the temperature start to download that already begin to appear the flu, is not the same? A runny nose, coughs, headaches, discouragement, and lack of appetite are just some of the symptoms that begin to appear when the flu settles in our body, the good is soon to go on doing a tea for the flu as well strong. In some cases, the flu can be fleeting, however, in others, it can last up to a week, which may seem little, but only those who already had the flu for almost seven days knows how difficult it is to even get out of bed.

so as not To be caught unawares, it is always good to take care of their health and protect themselves from the cold, as a form of prevention. But when the flu comes without warning? Without giving time to prepare? As it is, when we least expect it, the flu is already in our body and there is need to look for alternatives and solutions to resolve the problem, or at least reduce the symptoms.

Probably, you should already have seen and even taken some tea for the flu, after all, everyone has a recipe of any of these teas. For more strange they seem, the fact is that resolve and can make you get well from night to day, then, however hard it may be, worth taking.

Recipes tea for flu

Tea for flu with orange – to it, you’ll need: a lemon, two oranges, a cup of water and two tablespoons of honey. Peel the oranges and the lemon and put the peel to boil in the water for fifteen minutes. Then, squeeze the juice of the lemon and oranges and place in a tea of the bark, leaving it boil for ten more minutes. Then you just strain it and mix the honey.

The orange is rich in vitamin C and helps to increase and preserve the immunity by fighting the symptoms of the flu.

Tea for flu with eucalyptus – to do so, just cook two eucalyptus leaves, a teaspoon of rosemary and mint for a few minutes, in a cup and a half of water. After boiled, turn off the heat, smother the mixture until lukewarm and take then.

Tea for flu

Tea for flu with lemon and ginger – chop a small piece of ginger in more pieces and put to boil in a cup and a half of water. After boiled, add three cloves of chopped garlic and turn off the heat. Then, add a lemon into slices and smother until cool. Strain and drink it then.

Tea for flu with elderberry – place a spoonful of flowers of elderberry in a cup of water and bring to a boil. After boiled, turn the power off and mute, until it becomes warm. Drink then.

These are a few recipes to fight and send away the flu in a few days. But attention: the tea is a treatment, therefore, it is not enough to just take a time and expect to be healed. It is recommended that the tea for the flu to be taken at least three times a day, because as soon as the ingredients begin to take effect in the body, strengthening the immune system.


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