This is the tea to lose weight fast

For those who are looking for a healthy way, and interesting to lose some extra pounds, here’s a recipe of tea to lose weight fast.

Although this tea to lose weight fast be quite effective, it is necessary to remember always that alone, he can’t bring many results. To achieve a fit body and at the same time healthy, you need to dedicate yourself to a life with a focus on quality.

This is, to be always seeking to maintain a healthy diet and varied, practice physical activities regularly and avoid the consumption of foods rich in empty calories such as, for example, soft drinks, sweets and processed foods.

Tea to lose weight fast

There are several recipes tea to lose weight fast available on the internet, but none of them is as powerful as you will learn below. This is the tea for weight loss cinnamon with hibiscus, two ingredients that have become the darlings of all who seek for a body slimmer

Motives that make the hibiscus with cinnamon, the best tea to lose weight fast

cinnamon is an ingredient rich in beneficial substances for the human body. When consumed in a constant way, help in decreasing the bad cholesterol in the blood, prevent diabetes, in addition to improving the symptoms of digestive problems.

cinnamon still helps directly with weight loss because it acts directly on fat accumulation, facilitating a elimination natural. It’s no wonder that different types of tea for weight loss take cinnamon as an essential ingredient.

It must be noted that the excess of cinnamon may trigger problems, as for example the increase in gastric ulcers and intestinal diseases in people who already suffer from this condition. Pregnant women should also avoid the consumption of cinnamon already that it has substances capable of increasing uterine contractions.

The hibiscus is rich in antioxidants, which improve the appearance of the skin and provide a feeling of softness. The plant, when the beverage in the form of tea to lose weight, it is also highly diuretic which helps the elimination of fat and excess fluid, common problem on those is with a few more pounds.

Tea to lose weight fast

How to prepare the tea for weight loss fast of hibiscus with cinnamon

the part of The plant used to make hibiscus tea is the flower, quite common in many warm regions of the country. Before preparing, it is necessary to wash well and leave to dry for a few days. The hibiscus can also be purchased dry and clean of emporiums and specialty shops in tea for weight loss.

The cinnamon used for the tea should be used in the form of cock. The powder may not bring the same benefits already being processed and can not blend correctly with the rest of the drink.

You will need:
* 1 litre of water
* 1 tbsp hibiscus dry
* 1 cinnamon stick

Add the cinnamon powder and the hibiscus into a teapot. Place the gallon of water to a boil separately and only after it reaches the boil, add to the ingredients. Put the lid on so that the substances are not lost in the air and let the mixture act for about 20 minutes before drinking.

For best results, do not sweeten the tea to lose weight fast and consume its entirety during the day, between meals.


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