Meet 19 plants identified by Nasa as purifying the air

For the people who seek that feeling of pure air, far from the impurities that pollution can bring, do not need to move to the mountains or rural areas of the cities. From simple steps, such as incorporating some of the species of plants in the environment, you will be able to leave the air more pure.

The discovery was made by Nasa, the space agency american, through a search. In it, the agency pointed to 19 species of plants that can absorb toxins in closed environments, helping to improve air quality. In addition, they can bring several other benefits.


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The plant is able to absorb ammonia released by cleaning products. To take advantage of its benefits, the best place to keep it is in the bathroom.


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This species is one of the preferred by decorators, because of its beauty. In addition, it is an excellent option to leave the air more pure.

Café lounge

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Before you choose the best type of plant, it is worthwhile to pay attention to spaces and light incidence, as this may impair the life of some of them. This is the case of the coffee room. It is a great option to purify the air, however, does not survive in environments with air-conditioning.


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This plant is widely used in the decorations due to the variety of colors. In addition to the beauty, invest also in the species to purify environments.

Dracena de Madagascar

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in Spite of the benefits that this plant can bring to the environments, if you have pet, it is good to let them away from her. Because it is toxic and can trigger a series of problems.

Dracena Janet Craig

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This species is suitable for spaces with no natural light, since it is very resistant. By watering the right way, it can develop very well.

Sword of St. George

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out of all the plants that make up the list made by Nasa, this species is the most versatile, because of the ease with which it can adapt to the environments.


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This plant is used in environments with a lot of space, since it can grow up to 30 metres in height. In this case, consider putting it in the garden. Since the pure air needs to be widespread, including, in the external environments.


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This species of plant, in addition to purify environments, and helps combat insomnia. For this reason, it is quite suitable to be used in the rooms.


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If the environment in addition to need to be purified needs to also be dampened, this plant can be employed as the solution.

Boa constrictor

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The plant stands out for absorb the benzene released by cleaning products.

Lily peace

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For environments where cigarette smoke is prevalent, it is worthwhile to keep a copy of this kind, because it absorbs all the impurities released.


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If you do not have much time to water the plants, this species can stay long periods without water.

Palm tree-bamboo

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This plant absorbs toxic chemicals released by the tissues of clothes. So it can be used in the rooms or at the side of the cabinets.


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Absorbs various toxic substances of cleaning products. In this case, a good place to put a copy of this plant is in the area of service.


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Indicated to be in the offices, the plant likes lots of water.


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If you want to get rid of the impurities, but do not have much space to accommodate a plant, this species may be hung by hooks.

Samambaia Kimberly

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This species needs lots of care, especially with regard to the placement of the water.

the Palm tree-dwarf

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This plant is well-known for be able to absorb the smoke of the exhausts of cars. Thus, the best place to grow it is at the entrance of the house.