The skin of the face requires care differentiated during the summer

in Addition to being a full plate for the outdoor fun, summer is also a season that inspires you to be extra careful about the health of the skin. In relation to the face, then, the sun increases the chances of the appearance of blemishes, dryness and loss of service, which is important for your health.

During the months of intense heat, factors such as the sun, chlorine from the swimming pool or the salt from the sea are responsible for the dryness of the skin. Therefore, it is important to be ready in the consumption of water and to replicate the application of moisturizing creams to recover the natural light and to avoid other problems.

according To the physiotherapist dermato-functional, Thaís Carvalho, the lack of care with the skin of the face can cause the appearance of wrinkles premature and the formation of spots or redness.

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To avoid all this, the frequent use of sunscreen is one of the initiatives that are most relevant. In addition, the hydration also is necessary.

But, some care must be taken in to consideration when it is to resort to cosmetics. “The skin of the face is different from body, because the concentration of sebaceous glands is greater. In this way, the hydration will depend on whether the skin is dry, mixed or oily,” explains Thais.

thus, she continues: “Creams hydrants more oily and rich in vitamins A, C and e are intended for dry skins. Already in the mixed, the recommendation is creams without mineral oils in its composition. In the case of oil, it is necessary to use formulas in gel, cream-gel or emulsion oil-free”.

Areas such as the contour of eyes and lips need care even more specific, with the use of products, creams and balms to keep them hydrated and looking good.

How to maintain the health of the skin

So that your face is always healthy-looking and moisturized, you can include some procedures into your daily routine. Know which are:

Avoid hot bath

very hot Water dry the skin, since it removes the layer of fat surface, which serves as a natural protection. Baths should be warm or cold and the soap used should be specific to the region of the face. It is indicated that it is the basis of salicylic acid, which cleans and reduces the production of skin oils.


as Well as the body, the skin also needs a lot of hydration. In this sense it can be done in two ways: the first is from the inside to the outside and with the use of creams. In the first case, drink plenty of water. In addition to helping to alleviate oily skins, guarantees the elimination of toxins that can cause inflammation in the dermis.

As in the following case, look for the moisturizer ideal for your skin type and apply twice a day. It is very important that one of them is soon after bath, when the pores are open and will absorb much more of the necessary components of nutrition.

Protetor solar

The sun’s rays are some of the main causes of spots on the skin of the face. It is worth mentioning that the product should be specific to the face with a sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30.

balanced Diet

Avoid eating fatty foods, industrialized, filled with sodium and sugar. In addition to increase the oiliness of the skin, they leave your body more swollen, complicating the elimination of toxins from the body and worsen the balance of your gut, which can result in the appearance of acnes and pimples.

always Prefer natural foods, such as juices shakes at the time, fruit, salads and vegetables fresh, white meat and whole grain products.