The revolution of the Boob. Breast-feed without asking for permission

This post is for all the mothers of rebels who know and claim the great power of your boob!
Today, as usual, was bicheando on the internet, looking for information about respectful child-rearing, breastfeeding and empowerment of the mothers and fathers in the process of nurturing, and I found this wonder of project: “The Revolution of the tit”.

Elo Alar Poe, a chilean mother that, leaving aside the “good manners”, will plant face with two ovaries (and a hand) to the comments, that we incordian to mothers, on how to “should” to raise our children, how much time we have to give them the chest or how and where we should breastfeed to not intrude on others…

His illustrations, besides being very beautiful, and reflect with the power punkarro what many women think daily on the comments and advice of others on how we should raise our children, that come to us, usually, without that we have asked for.

Sure a lot of you will feel identified with the illustrations of this mommy and rebellious with their way of reflecting “The Revolution of the Tit”

you Can see the work of Elo Alar Poe in your Pinterest account The revolution of the boob/ With a hand or on their Facebook, where you can also buy their products made in a completely artisanal.

we’re Going to breast-feed without asking for permission: This is The Revolution of the Breast!

This is a very zapatista about the struggle that we as mothers empowered and free

An image very radical, but it is so, the parenting is ours!

I Think many of them would like to end the discussion this way…

what Our Super Power?

Cover mijita, do not you ashamed to give the tit in public?

The Job situation when you’re a mother… In-Profits

This is my favorite, sums it all up.

Breastfeeding is the perfect formula