The initiative suggests the label distinguished for industrialized products

An innovative proposal may increase the consumption of healthy food in Brazil and to diminish the cases and perspectives of obesity in the country. The idea of adding information for teaching on the labels of greasy products and industrialized in the state of Paraná, suggested by the president of the Brazilian Society of Bariatric and Metabolic (SBCBM), the João Caetano Marchesini, it can turn Law rules of procedure throughout the national territory.

“The interpretation of the labels and nutritional information of packaged foods should be facilitated so that the population can make choices that are autonomous, healthy and appropriate,” argues the doctor.

The measure was drafted after research in partnership with universities of Paraná and for being a pioneer in Brazil is serving as a model for a bill of national scope with the aim of tackling obesity.

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how it works this initiative?

The president of SBCBM coordinated a team of professionals in the area of health and nutrition who work in colleges in the state of Paraná, which gave scientific basis to the project. Thus, the work of these experts led to the conclusion that the labels may influence the purchase of products, if these have information that is more didactic.

After the results of the research, those involved created a system of identification for products, taking into account the content of nutrients contained in processed foods and packaged liquids and solids. In this way, the products will receive a seal with respect to its properties, this markup can vary in four colors.

For example, healthy products earn the golden seal, while the food hazardous to health will have a red stamp, as a way of alerting consumers. “We will present a study is scientific, that proves the change in the choice of the people when they are aware that a certain food is not good for health,” says Marchesini.

dangers of obesity

according To a study published in the scientific journal Lancet, a fifth of the adult brazilian population is overweight. This figure places Brazil as one of the leading countries with the highest obesity rates in the world. This condition is extremely worrying, considering that cause health problems secondary as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.

All these evils are caused by a food inappropriate, associated with lack of physical exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, it is important to have a healthy, balanced diet. “The food is ultra-processed are poor in fibers, vitamins, minerals and other substances that are naturally present in the food in natura and minimally processed such as, for example, the grains, vegetables, and fruits”, complete Marchesini.