The harsh reality of pregnancy in images by Line Severinsen

how Much truth there is in each one of the images that the illustrator, Line Severinsen share on your page, Kos og Kaos (in Spanish “Cuddles and Chaos”), and that in these days have become viral.

What I have liked most of his illustrations is that they portray a simple and fun adventures that we went during pregnancy…because not all is tenderness in those nine months of gestation, we also have problems of size XL because of that hype that does not stop growing!

These are some of the truths of pregnancy in images

Such a marvelous third quarter in which you see part of your body and what you did in 5 minutes takes a whole morning:

the they Say that it is good to sing to our baby while in the tummy, but they have not asked what they think about it:

With this image I feel very identified, although my downfall for chocolate has not gone with the childbirth…

When you feel like a large cow lying on your back is literally…

sometimes not only us wear mode barrel… they say that it is by solidarizar

how to Eat for two? Yes!!! and if you are cravings, better yet (I was the client most faithful of the ice cream shop on my street)

Or the yoga seems so nice…or the meshes will remain as before, embrace it.

When it seems that you have triplets doing jiu jitsu within your tummy

When the simple becomes so complicated it is better to opt for shoes without laces.

can Never have too many cushions…

These are the times in which you would like to have the power of the jedi…

The holidays 0,0 are not as much fun, and you know it.

Ole by those sprint to the bathroom (I know all the WC public of the city)

Let me touch your tummy, which gives luck!!!!

you’re very sensitive as to see what is to come…

Because not enough with the belly, we have the capacity to increase three times the size of our body.

When you finally get to take the sleeping posture, zas! Night cramps when stalking.

And finally, one of the ones I like: “I do baby, what’s your super power?”

Because despite all the “problems” everyday that we cause the pregnancy, is one of the best moments of our life. So much so that almost all who tested repeat ^ ^

what You seem to be realistic these illustrations? and, like me, do You feel identified?

If you want to see what it is that comes after those 9 months of pregnancy do not miss the illustrations of the same author, in “The reality of childbirth and post-partum in pictures”