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Fish is a source of heart-healthy protein and contains a number of nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12.

But the fish classification with the pollution of our oceans may be infected with mercury.

> What are the Risks of Mercury?

the risk of The presence of mercury by intake of fish and shellfish is not a health problem.

While there are risks exact known, consumers are advised to be careful to consume moderately, and adjust the preferences for the fish with the values but low in mercury.

The ideal is no-one to eat mercury because it is a neurotoxin that impairs the functioning and development of the brain.

The amount of any mercury can have different consequences depending on the weight.

that Is why the Ministry of Health warns that pregnant women and children not to consume fish in large amounts.

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> What types of fish have high amounts of mercury?

The mercury exists in our waters and subsequently, the fish eat.

The concentration of mercury in the local waters, therefore, varies the content can be in any fish.

> The fish is good for me based on my weight, so how much fish can I eat safely?

The amount of mercury that any person can consume safely depends on your weight, and if she is pregnant or not.

Gotmercury.org has a useful calculator of mercury that informs you of the amount of fish species that you can eat safely based on your weight.

as with any food, it is important to moderate your consumption.

• Mercury – 5 micrograms per kilo of weight per day. Thus, a person of 60 kg could ingest up to 300 micrograms per day.
• Lead – 25 micrograms per kilogram of weight per day. Still based on the same 60 pounds are allowed up to 1.5 thousand micrograms.
• Arsène – From 0.1 to 7,20 micrograms per day per kilogram of weight. Do the math.

Some fish have less risk of metal contamination:

1) Choose fish scales: they Live in large shoals in the clear water, on the surface.

2) Choose freshwater fish because they feed preferentially on fruit and leaves.

3) Choose fish life cycle medium short, as they were less exposed to the contaminants. They are:

salt Water: sardines, wild salmon.

sweet Water: yam, carp, corimbatá, golden, tetra, manjuba (anchovy), piau, tilapia, pirarucu, tambaqui, traira, trout.

4) Avoid fish-of-life medical long: Shark, sword Fish, Mackerel, Fillet of tuna, Herring and Dogfish

5) there is no point not to eat fish but consume vegetables contaminated with mercury. Therefore, prefer organic.

> And on canned fish?

The amount of mercury in fish is not affected by the production of canned food.

In general, avoid the high amount of sodium or canned fish packed in oil.

>>> Suggestion Menu rich in fish and seafood



  • Option 1: 1 cup american of carrot juice with beet,1 unit French bread, 1 col soup cream cheese
  • the

  • Option 2: 1 cup of soy milk, 03 strawberries,1 toast full
  • the

  • Option 3: 1 glass of juice of papaya with 1 col dessert flaxseed, 02 toast whole grain,1 col soup cottage cheese
  • the

  • Option 4: 02 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 col dessert of margarine light,1 cup skim milk

Morning Snack


  • Option 1: 1 plain yogurt
  • the

  • Option 2: 1 slice of watermelon
  • the

  • Option 3: 1 tangerine
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 slice of melon



  • Option 1: 1 dish of salad of rucola, lettuce and tomato,1 unit of fillet of hake with potato to sauce, 2 col rice soup, 1 col soup of chickpeas
  • the

  • Option 2: 1 dessert plate of salad of endive, 02 col soup of brown rice, 1 col bean soup, 02 col soup chayote sauce,1 put fish in coconut milk
  • the

  • Option 3: 1 dessert plate of lettuce, 02 col soup white rice, 1 small conch of estrogonofe de camarão
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 dessert plate of salad of cabbage, 02 col soup, brown rice, 01 col soup beans,1 salmon fillet in the oven

Afternoon tea


  • Option 1: 1-kiwi
  • the

  • Option 2: 02 cookies whole grain
  • the

  • Option 3: 1 peach
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 fruit yogurt



  • Option 1: 1 dish of dessert salad lettuce, tomato, and grated carrot, 1 pcs of fish fillet roasted,02 col soup puree of carrot parsley
  • the

  • Option 2: 01 dish salad of watercress, 01 col rice of cod in the potato
  • the

  • Option 3: 1 dessert plate of salad of lettuce and broccoli,1 put salmon in oven
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 dessert plate of green salad,1 portion of fried shrimp



  • Option 1: 1/2 papaya
  • the

  • Option 2: 1 cup of flan de chocolate
  • the

  • Option 3: 1 cup of gelatin
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 pear

6 Tips to Improve your Digestion

The choice of appropriate foods can certainly help to improve digestion, but some of their eating habits could also be revised.

Here are some tips that will help you.

1 – Prepare and take your meals at home

Prepare meals should be fun, instead of a task. Calling all members of the family and try new recipes.

Imagining the meal to see and smell of food triggers the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes, which prepares the body for digestion.

2-Chew food well

As digestion begins in the mouth, it is important to chew the food to tear it into small pieces and mixing them with salivary enzymes.

3 – Eat Small meals

Eat small frequent meals, which will prevent overloading the digestive system.

in addition, avoid large meals late in the evening, let your body digest before you go to bed.

4 – Be aware of what you eat

Eat calmly taking time to appreciate the flavors, textures, and the pleasure of eating it.

Be aware that you are eating and the foods you eat. Once I did the exercise take five minutes to eat a grape.

This is an experience that I’ll never forget. The aim was to first look at the grapes, then I felt it.

then, put in mouth and chew very, very slowly, paying attention to its consistency, its juice and sweetness. It is a real contrast with the way that we normally engolirmos the food.

5 – Sit down to eat and make the meal a family reunion

it Is important that you take the time to sit down at the table to take the company into the meals your family members or friends.

Above all, do not eat in front of the TV. Make sure the conversations are positive.

6 – Avoid eating in response to stress or anxiety

Chronic stress, anxiety and depression can have the effect of decreasing the content of hydrochloric acid and secretion of immunoglobulin A (IgA, secretory), an antibody that plays a critical role in immunity of the gastrointestinal tract.

digestion is thus prevented, possibly giving rise to nutritional deficiencies that increase the difficulty of dealing with the stress; it is a vicious circle.

If you’re hungry, but experiencing stress or anxiety, take a few minutes before eating to practice deep breathing or other relaxation techniques.

You can also listen to relaxing music while you eat.

UPDATED: 01.06.17



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