The 4 types of oils best suited for cooking and for health

vegetable oils are the fats extracted from plants, usually the seeds. Most of them are used in cooking, can also be used for pharmaceutical purposes, cosmetics, industrial and even as fuel for vehicles.

This substances are fundamental, they are important for the formation of the membranes of the cells and to hormones. They also provide energy and essential fatty acids, in addition to helping in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, e And K. However, this is not an excuse to quit eating fried foods.

When heated to temperatures in excess of 180°, a large part of the oils begin to degrade and release substances that are harmful to our body, the main one being the acrolein, which destroys the elastic fibers of the arteries, making them rigid and do not have a good flow of blood as well as irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach.

These oils should be used for sautéing, baking foods, or for watering salads, but sparingly, because oils have an average of 90 calories per tablespoon.

The ideal is that they should be used various types of oil, ranging from time-to-time. See below some types of oil and what they have to offer for your health.

sweet almond Oil

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Rich in vitamin E, sweet almond oil is a is used to prevent stretch marks on the skin, in addition to being a strong ally to combat free radicals. It is rich in phosphorus, iron and vitamins of the complex B. It must be consumed cold and have a flavor slightly sweet, it combines with fruit salads and on fish, when they are ready.

peanut Oil

Has a large amount of monounsaturated fats, which are those that help to protect the fabric heart. As well as sweet almond oil, is also rich in vitamin E, and has all of its benefits. Unlike the majority of oils, the peanut does not degrade when you reach 180 degrees, which makes it more feasible to do fried foods or baked foods.

soybean Oil

Has fitoesterois, which helps reduce the bad cholesterol, isoflavones, which are powerful allies against the sclerosis in the joints and terpenoides, which are agents that protect us from free radicals, the causative agents of cancer. The soybean oil can be boiled and goes very well with fried and grilled.


Is famous for its role in the protection of the heart and by lowering the abdominal fat, since this increases the production of good cholesterol, the HDL. It is rich in antioxidants, which in addition to slowing down the ageing leaving the skin more youthful, it also acts in the combat of free radicals that cause cancer. It goes very well with salads, meat and pasta.