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character Traits are all the aspects of the behavior of a person and the attitudes that make up the personality of that person.

everyone has character traits, both good and bad. Even characters in books have traits of character.

The character traits are often shown with adjectives descriptive, as a patient, unfaithful, or jealous.

Types of Character Traits

The old expression that actions speak louder than words is very true when it comes to character traits.

You learn about who people are and what are your traits character and personality observing how they interact with the world and paying attention to how they treat and interact with you.

There are literally countless character traits that you can identify in the other, and that you can identify in yourself.


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Some Character Traits Have to do With His Values or Underlying Beliefs. Some Examples of These Types of Character Traits Include:

– Religious;
– Honest;
– Faithful;
– Devoted;
– Loving;
– Sincere;
– Ambitious;
– Happy;
– Happy;
– Patient;
– Particular;
– Persistent;
– Adventurous;
– Attentive;
– co-Operative;
– Cheerful;
– Optimistic;
– Pessimistic;
– Funny.

Some Character Traits Can Be Bad, and You May Not Want These Traits Associated with You. Some Examples of These Types of Character Traits Include:

– Dishonest;
– Unfair;
– Nasty;
– Rude;
– Disrespectful;
– Impatient;
– Avid;
– Bravo;
– Pessimistic;
– Disgusting;
– Cruel;
– Merciless;
– Bad;
– Malicious;
– grumpy;
– Caustic;
– Selfish;
– Ruthless.

a Leader or A Person that Likes to Be in Command May Have the Following Character Traits:

– Authoritative;
– Rude;
– Persuasive;
– Ambitious;
– Bossy;
– Demanding;
– Sly;
– cold Heart;
– self-Centered;
– Pretentious.

Some character traits can be consciously developed, learned or acquired.

For Example, The Character Traits that You May Consciously Choose to Learn or Adopt Include:

– Polite;
– Informed.

Some Character Traits for Children Include:

– Playful;
– Active;
– Wild;
– Silly;
– Affectionate;
– Funny;
– Rude;
– Speaking;
– Turbulent;
– Smart;
– Restless;
– Shy;
– Lively;
– Submissive;
– Stubborn.

Character Traits in Literature and Movies

In the books of stories and novels and movies, there are often archetypes of characters.

For example, there may be a romantic hero, or a leader or a heroine who needs to be rescued.

Many times, those characters in books or movies have certain classic characteristics that help to identify the role they play in the story.

For example, some traits and characteristics that can be used for a main character that is a hero include:
– Merciless;
– Strong;
– Brave;
– Reliable;
– Fearless;
– Daring;
– Resistant;
– Bravo.

If a Character of the Hero or the Story is a Romantic Interest, It Can Have the Following Character Traits:

– Charming;
– Loving;
– Affectionate;
– Charismatic;
– Ugly;
– Evil;
– Dexterity;
– Deceiver;
– Killer;
– Psycho.

As you can see, there are literally hundreds of character traits that will add depth and dimension to any character.

You simply need to observe people in different settings to get a general idea of how certain people behave.

This can help you recognize character traits positive that you want to search for in people.

Bring your Characters to Life

Learning more about traces of good character, through observation, you can also develop the characters more rich in his writing that are more true to life.

Have characters as well developed in his writing helps the reader to identify and/or sympathize with the character.

Traces of character psychology well-defined will bring your characters to life.

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