Tattoo For Teens?

Marked for life. You must have a tattoo?

If you think that getting a tattoo is a celebration of the creative body, a disfigurement personal, the most original way to express your individuality or an obvious sign that you are succumbing to the pressure of their peers.

There is without a doubt sure that this body art is on the rise, especially among teenagers.

Surprisingly, the tattoo was the sixth largest growing business in retail in the country, after Internet, paging, bagels, computers and cell phone shops.

If you view the fact that you is marked with a painful procedure, potentially dangerous, sometimes even illegal or acceptable, verging on the respectable, or a form of self-expression.

There are millions of american teens who agree with you about tattoos for teenagers.

fifty years Ago the majority of studios tattoo were in arcades, amusement parks and billiard saloons, today they are in big centers, suburban shopping centers.

fashion Magazines and music videos gave the tattoo a prominent place.

But before you imitate your rock star favorite movie actress, or female athlete, is page believes that some facts will help you to strengthen your opinion about tattoos designs.

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(VIDEO) Myths and Truths About Tattoo

> How a Tattoo is applied, Exactly?

Tattoos are made with an instrument that uses a needle vibrating to insert ink in the skin.

A gun tattoo, a cluster of electric needle is used to pump the ink inside the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, speeds up to 3,000 times per minute.

The dermis is composed of blood vessels and nerve cells and capillaries, sweat glands, and a network of fibers of protein called collagen, which gives skin its strength.

These cells are permanent and remain with you throughout your life, as well as the tattoo.

> So What?

The tattoo ink or pigment starts out as a powder solid.

The tattooist mixes the small clumps of pigment with a liquid to form a suspension.

After you dip the needles in the mixture, the tattoo artist slides the gun along the skin.

As the weapon turns inside and outside, the needles will shoot in small clumps of pigment in the dermis.

> what you should look for if you are thinking about tattoos for teenagers?

First, if the place is not clean, go away. Remember that amateurs operate in flea markets, and carts of fruit.

Make sure that the needles come in packaging that is closed, and are opened in front of you.

Each pot of ink should also be fresh and the tattoo artist should wear latex gloves.

> what can go wrong?

Ok, this is something important, and with some of them their parents agree.

This list is scary is not to dissuade you, just for you to know more about tattoos on the arm for teenagers.

If the tattoo artist presses the gun against the skin, the needles can pass through the fat or muscle underneath the dermis, leading to scarring or excessive bleeding.

If the ink penetrates into the fat, it can spread and appear to be a bruise be permanent.

If the autoclave, a sterilizer, which works as a pressure cooker can kill hepatitis B, HIV and other diseases by viruses and bacteria, is not correctly maintained, there is the risk of you having an infection transferred into your bloodstream.

Some people develop an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink, which results in a severe rash that can only resolved surgically by cutting the outside skin.

Keep in mind that many of the american states prohibit tattoos for teens under 18 years for a reason.

There is a famous painting by Norman Rockwell about a man who tatua the name Betty on the arm of a sailor who had six other names crossed out.

As the sex and the cigarette, certain decisions require a certain maturity.

Depending on the size, the color of black ink is easier to remove than the green, most tattoos take multiple sessions expensive and painful laser to be removed.

it Is a serious decision, which requires that you think before you ink.

>> Tattoos for teens: 5 things to consider

About 40 percent of adolescents have a tattoo. So, no surprise, that the obtaining of the “ink” is increasingly popular among teenagers.

Many under the age of 18 years are starting now the art of the body, however, as any fan of the television series “Tattoo Nightmares” can attest, not everyone ends up doing tattoo writing.

Realize too late that your tattoo was outdated or regret something that tatuou. Worst of all, time brings new trends and innovations, washing it before it was cool, so the tattoo is outdated and you may not be able to do anything, because it will be fixed to you.

For adolescents and adults, the whole idea of permanence is an illusion. I say this not to demean the youth, but to raise his greatest gift: the ability to see everything so fresh, and open to critical and changeable.

This is pretty much the opposite of a tattoo. It is clear that the opinion will not influence anyone, and in general, the more the parents try to push children away from the body art, the children more quickly will want to the tattoos.

however, here is a list of criteria that you should consider before getting a tattoo.

1. Watch at least ten episodes of “Tattoo Nightmares”. Is a fun way to learn that tattoo is not the best choice. Any young woman who wants to make a tattoo will think better.

2. Think about in the future. it Is difficult to 18 years to know that you will like it at 35, but have to analyze this period of time.

3. Avoid names. The only exception can be for their children, which usually is not relevant to the crowd teenager.

4. Do not go to the sea. Many people with a lot of ink admits that it can be addictive. The addiction is not a good reason to do anything.

I’ve had many clients tattooed that expressed disappointment when he did 34 years who loved art the age of 21. And actually some did good tattoos.

5. Consider cover-ups to designing your art home. No matter how perfect, there’s a good chance you want a change one day. Some tattoos are easier to cover than others. Choice for easy.

You should help your teen find a studio to tattoo clean, secure, and respectable.

as Well as discussion about sex, the parents who calmly sit down with your children and discuss this list. The more adolescents feel that they are making the right choice, plus it’s always good to review.

> Testimony of Kyra

Recently it was celebrated the second anniversary of my tattoo.

We do not go to get ice cream or anything, but I celebrated the fact that I still do not regret the tattoo that I have.

make No mistake about it my parents are not hippies and liberal pay someone to inject repeatedly permanent ink on my skin.

I found it strange that they have left, but my mother signed the consent and watched I shell out my money.

My parents are conservative, the more she decided that I was old enough to make my own choice about a tattoo, since that would assume the responsibility and pay for it.

> Kyra began his tattoo.

They will come surprised, because, in recent years more teenagers and young adults are doing the tattoo that your parents or grandparents.

according To a 2010 report by the Pew Research Center, 38 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 years of age have at least one tattoo and about half of those have between 2 and 5.

I will admit the adrenaline in the period post-tattoo is exciting and with it came a new desire, atypical for the attention and affirmation of my decision.

It was difficult to obtain discreetly, given my outfit usually covers the site of the tattoo. My friends with tattoo male must have felt the same way, wanting to show his tattoos.

however, the growth in this sector increases as the maturity of the adolescents grew up. In fact, research shows that tattoos serve more as a means of discovering someone’s identity, but rather to adorn and set them.

In a series of studies in 1998 and 2006, researchers from the University of Arkansas found that both groups of tattoos done to express something.

This last did it to reaffirm that they actually had an identity, the tattoos might restore to their owners a sense of stability, predictability, and permanence.

UPDATED: 06.06.17



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