Surprise Christmas supper preparing escondidinho cod

With the arrival of the end of year festivities, there is growing concern of what to prepare to receive friends and family on christmas eve and new year’s eve. The truth is that, in addition to get together with loved ones, we also want to offer a tasty menu and that income praise.

The Christmas season is a time of to prepare several delicious recipes for the dinner celebration. The classic turkey, ham, farofa and French toast are ordered almost certain on the day of the supper.

But you can innovate on plates and bring to the table a delicious hide and seek cod. This is the tip prepared by the Fugini Food. Check out the recipe.

hide and seek cod

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-1 package of mashed;
-1 fillet of cod dessalgado and frozen;
-1 onion cut in half moon;
-Half a cup (tea) of green olives;
-Half a cup (tea) of fresh parsley chopped;
-Half a cup (tea) of oil;
-Half a cup (tea) of grated parmesan cheese;
-50 g of cream to light;
-1 box of white sauce;
-Tracks mix full of rice .

Mode of preparation

Place the cod fillet in a pan and cover the container with water. Bring to a high heat and leave until boiling. Transfer to another container and shred the cod with a fork.

Let the fire pre-heating at a high temperature of approximately 200ºC. Take a large frying pan to medium heat and when it is already heated, drizzle with olive oil. Then, add the onion and saute, stirring until you get a good look transparent.

Add the tomato and saute the mixture for five more minutes. Stir well. Lastly, add the olives and cod. Mix and turn off the heat.

Transfer the cod to an ovenproof dish. After you have prepared mashed as mandated by the packaging, cover the cod with the puree and add the mix of parmesan, cream and white sauce.

Leave it baking for about 20 minutes until au gratin. Serve with the rice.