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Care to Prolong the Straightening of the Wires

The hair smoothed summarizes the desire of the women currently when it comes to the aesthetic hair.

After the procedure in the beauty salon, they seek to prolong this effect.

Some tips and special care are excellent for a duration greater smoothing, shine and health of the wires.

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How to Straighten Hair Naturally

The first factor is in relation to cleaning. The daily washing of the wire takes the chemistry of hair straightening.

But it is not recommended to leave them dirty, because the root lift, with effect ensebado and the smooth is lost; the indication is to wash every 2 days, with great flushing of the root for the wires loose.

The process of simple brush after washing does not last.

it Is possible to have one more day of smooth effect with the shampoo, spray dry-cleaning. And the women who go for hair straightening, tend to establish the drying of the strands to the wind, however, is not the ideal.

The most appropriate is to use a hairdryer, at least to withdrawal of the moisture, since the progressive is termoativada, with the heat increasing the smoothing. And the accessory brush is important for the hair care.

The brush type paddle, square, is responsible for detangling hair without breaking, after wash.

This size assists in the distribution of oil, natural long hair, lifting the root.

The bristles are natural and united are also indicated for smoothing and shine of the hair.

How to Straighten your Hair at Home

A tip for the brush is made in house is to apply the jet of the dryer, with cold air, after brushing the wires, since the thermal shock is going to seal cuticles, with brightness.

And with the procedure of smoothing is essential to hydration every 15 days.

The procedures that modify the structure of the wire eliminate the nutrients, so the hydration will do the reset.

After washing the hair, it is recommended to apply the mask, not in the root, and then prepare a turban using a towel, for 5 minutes, and wash very well.

attention should occur with the dye, since dye your hair and do progressive is an excess of chemical.

The products for yarn dyed protect hair from wear and tear, and it is necessary to at least 15-day interval between the dye and progressive.

The iron offers amazing effects for the wires, but there are restrictions. Use wired dirty is inappropriate, and also the application of oil prior to flat iron with the damage to the wires.

There is an ideal temperature for each hair type, it is important to the orientation of the hairdresser.

After the straightening is common the hair present soft, but pass the yarn through your fingers every moment should be avoided.

Even with clean hands, the oils is spread with the effect of heavy hair, a habit unsuitable to avoid.

To that effect smooth and flat is important after you brush, comb and then apply the spray to the volume and softness, and mess up with fingers, in the motion of pulling the wires below.

they Are practical tips to treat the yarn and to take advantage of the beauty of her locks smooth.

Products to Straighten the Hair

The new products to straighten your hair promise to not damage the wires and ensure the straight hair, leaving the wires with an air of the natural.

Check out the list of the new generation of straighteners and see which of them is ideal for your hair.

UPDATED: 31.05.17



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