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there is No cure for dandruff, but it is possible to stay free of the white flakes for the rest of your life.
You need to act Fast. Here’s how to stop your dandruff easily and Quickly.
Below you will find Tips natural to Avoid Dandruff and Seborrhea

dandruff is a problem that bothers many people today.

And the secret to eliminate the same is to maintain control oiliness of the scalp.

you should wash your hair every day using shampoos anti-dandruff treatment homemade or those that have ingredients, such as examples are ciclopirox olamine, ketoconazole or selenium sulfate.

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Shampoo Anti Dandruff

Some ideas are anti-dandruff shampoo Ducray, the Kerium DS and even Bio-Médicin that they can be good allies to eliminate the dandruff.

In the case of the itching and also inflammation, the topical solutions with salicylic acid, corticoids and antifungal agents are recommended.

Already the shampoos natural which are made the basis of the herbs, such as celery, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus and saves can be very effective for the treatment, because they have the properties of anti-fungal and also antiseptic.

And the detail of the itching and peeling can arise in the scalp, so light, medium, or intense way. Regardless of the case, the person should seek the consultation of the dermatologist who will indicate the correct treatment to follow.

How to end the Caspas

Some tips are important in the process of eliminating the problem of dandruff. It is valid to avoid very fatty foods, and also baths with hot water, because there is stimulation of the oil of the root of the threads with that temperature.

it Is advisable to ingest at least 1.5 l of water daily, to avoid the stress and also to avoid sleeping with the strands of hair damp or wet.

Another tip is not to use your nails to rub your scalp, because this process can lead to injuries in the region of the head.

The most appropriate is massage just with the fingertips, and to use gentle movements and also circular. Another tip is to avoid the caps and hats as accessories.

The dandruff dry is made from the excess of the peeling of the skin in the scalp area. And this cause several times, the problem of inflammation and undesirable itching.

Generally, it happens more often to men, with onset on the scalp, and face, for example, in the eyebrows, beard, and next to the nose.

And even babies can suffer with dandruff, with the formation of the crust milky way, in general, without the itching.

To eliminate the problem of dandruff in infants, it is important to the application of a bit of mineral oil or almonds for the root of the threads. And then comb with a fine comb, and after this process to start the washing of the wires of the baby using the shampoo neutral.

Home Remedy for Dandruff

With the home remedy it is possible to eliminate the undesirable dandruff. The tea coot daily is recommended for this process.

The same age to clean the blood, and the impurities of the body are thus eliminated, with great effect for the treatment against dandruff.

And diet is important with the healthy foods to prevent and treat the unwanted dandruff. Items such as the vegetables and fruits should make up the menu, and the dried fruit, canned foods and also citrus fruits should be avoided.

An interesting solution and homemade which acts against dandruff giant is the tea of sage and rosemary. To do is take a cup of boiling water, a teaspoon of leaves of sage, and a teaspoon of the leaves of rosemary.

To prepare is simple, just add the leaves of the saved, and rosemary in a cup of boiling water.

And after the mixture has cooled, it is indicated to put into the container with a portion of the shampoo used and mix. And then wash your hair in a natural way.

Already the rosemary and saves have antiseptic properties that act against the fungi that cause the caspas, and also slow the aging of the skin.

And the vinegar is another method home against dandruff with antibacterial action. Are two different ways to use the properties of the item vinegar.

The first way is to soak small pieces of cotton in the vinegar and then applying by the scalp. You need to act for 2 minutes and then start the washing of the yarn.

Another way to treat, is to start the normal washing of the yarn using cold water, and then start applying a little of the vinegar from the root and wait for it to dry in a natural way.

there Are several ways to treat the undesirable dandruff, a problem that affects so many people.

How to Eliminate Dandruff Permanently and Naturally

The vinegar is actually a effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and virtue, for that also is able to effectively eliminate a fungus on the scalp that not only contributes to dandruff, but it ensures that you always return, even when it seems that has now been eradicated.

See how to prepare the remedy anti-dandruff

Get a spray bottle, and pour, maybe helping with a hopper, a part of warm water and an equal part of apple, I recommend organic vinegar.

Regarding the proportion of the water – vinegar, which should be between 50 and 50.

once everything is inside the bottle, close it well, shake it vigorously, and then begins to squirt the contents on the scalp, particularly in areas affected by the dandruff shampoo.

Make sure that the liquid comes into contact with the skin of the scalp, and while you sneeze, to move hair gently as shown in the video.

This treatment should be done half an hour before going to bed and should be left to act on the scalp throughout the night.

The next day, wash the hair with a good shampoo and organic because sometimes the vinegar can make them dry, especially if they are long, use a good conditioner.

If you have dandruff it is short, just do this treatment once a week, to make it go away, twice if you see that it is not enough.

Incece If your dandruff is really too much, do 4 or 5 nights in a row, or even more, until you see that it is gone completely.

After that, to keep it well away from your scalp, use this remedy once per week, through “maintenance of the results obtained”.

If you have small wounds on the scalp, as talvota happen in the case of people who suffer from strong seborrheic dermatitis, you can listen to burn the skin when splashing above the liquid, but do not worry:

The vinegar, mixed with water, disinfect the scalp, and, in the long term, you will see that it is more effective than anti-dandruff shampoo classic.

dandruff is usually considered as a problem of the male, while, in reality, even women are affected in a more or less severe.

Considered by many as a mere imperfection, in fact, dandruff is a “disease” that affects at least one in every two people with different levels of intensity.

Before you understand how to eliminate dandruff, it is good to have a clear idea of what you’re really talking about.

dandruff is a flaking of the skin excessive than normal, causing the appearance of small white flakes.

often this phenomenon in particular can also be accompanied by an itching loud and annoying, if it is good to consult a dermatologist, in order to exclude other diseases such as dermatitis or psoriasis.

As to the causes, dandruff can be “generated” from many causes, by bad eating habits, the climatic factors, through periods particularly stressful or challenging.

dandruff can also be of different types and, in principle, two of them are; dandruff oily and dandruff dry.

The dandruff oily, also called pityriasis fatty liver, is generated by an excessive production of sebum by the scalp and has a tendency to remain attached to the hair making it, at the same time, greasy.

The emergence of dandruff on oily skin may indicate seborrheic dermatitis, and even accompanied by alopecia.

dandruff or dry pityriasis sicca, appears with higher incidence in winter and affects mostly men;

This type of dandruff can be accompanied by itching more or less strong, usually makes the skin very sensitive.

dandruff is, however, in both cases, caused by an inflammation of the scalp that leads to a change of the epidermis, and, then, a peeling stress.

How to eliminate dandruff:

Now that we have made it clear about what dandruff is good to try to figure out how to eliminate it, using a series of precautions and using the right products.

Let’s start with the specific products that are typically found on the market and that are targeted precisely to eliminate the dandruff.

To treat dandruff is usually made of “surfactants”, thanks to which you go to clean the scalp and eliminate the waste, no to annoy you.

The tensides do not form, during the washing, a large amount of foam for this are usually sold in the form of oils, shampoos, a formula that will do better in dandruff eliminating hair.

If you do not want to use the products “industrial”, you can eliminate dandruff, even making use of a number of natural remedies.

In fact, there are many recipes inspired by nature that are particularly effective in the elimination of dandruff.

One of the most known and used is the one that uses the needles of rosemary and salt, until that, you will create a compound applied to the skin, once per week.

Very effective to eliminate dandruff is also preparing a base of the mask eucalyptus, tea, rosemary and jojoba oil which will then rub the hair for about twenty minutes.

Another natural remedy widely used to eliminate dandruff is the lotion of egg that essentially consists in mixing the three gems of the snow that will then add warm water;

After about 15 minutes, the mask should be removed by washing the hair with lukewarm water.

Finally, among the best remedies to eliminate dandruff, it is worth to mention the lotion, the wind that you can prepare easily at home.

Leaving it boil for about 30 minutes 100 grams of nettle leaves in 750 ml of water and vinegar, and involves with lemon, also very effective to eliminate dandruff.

UPDATED: 31.05.17



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