Spring fatigue Do you Know what it is and how to meet it?

do You feel discouraged or especially tired and with alterations in the mood when you start the spring? It may be due to the spring asthenia, a disorder which, as its name suggests, it takes place in spring and is manifested in some people who experience certain uncomfortable symptoms that are associated with an alteration of the biological rhythms in the change of season. Although it is a topic already known, the scientific community does not agree on whether this is a disease or not and if I would need treatment.

What are the causes of spring asthenia?

This disorder is due to various causes such as change of hours, having to move the hour forward; environmental modifications, such as increased light and changes in atmospheric pressure; and the adoption of routines different, because that starts the good time and it gets dark later. All of these factors can alter the body and cause a decrease in the production of endorphins, the “hormones of well-being” making the person feel lethargic and without energy.

on the other hand with the arrival of spring, our body undergoes a renewal. The increase of the temperature leads to the release of toxins, giving way to a phase of purification and cleansing of our body that also leads to mismatches that affect our immune system.

The increase in daylight which begins to occur at the change of season also alters the segregation of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. There are people who manage to adapt to all these changes without any problem, however for others, the adaptation to the new environmental conditions and time may be more difficult, giving way to the spring asthenia.

What symptoms can people who suffer from spring fatigue?


  • Tiredness widespread
  • the

  • Lack of energy to perform everyday tasks
  • the

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • the

  • daytime Sleepiness
  • the

  • Irritability and nervousness
  • the

  • Decreased appetite
  • the

  • Decreased sexual desire
  • the

  • impaired concentration
  • the

  • general Malaise

These symptoms typically persist for one or two weeks, the time it will take the agency on to accommodate the new environmental circumstances. For this reason, more than a pathology, we are talking about a disorder adaptive passenger

How to prepare our body for the spring?

The spring fatigue can be prevented and treated with a series of habits that will help you to minimize the alterations they cause in the organism, this change of station.