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Nothing can stop time, but you don’t have to resort to plastic surgery, extreme to defend themselves from its effects.

it Happens that simple daily habits can leave your skin healthy.

we are Not talking about treatments dear and yes of simple tips that if applied in the day-to-day can make a difference.

it Is also important to mention that the main factors which decide the quality of your skin are your genes and family history, and your immune system.



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(VIDEO) Foods that Leave the Skin more Beautiful


Use a search for washing your face at least 2 times a day without using soaps or any other type of product that helps clean the pores this will give you a appear more youthful and skin more clear.

Check out down the beauty tips that we have prepared for you to have a healthy and beautiful skin:


  • Use put on sunscreen:

Pass the filter early in the morning, before you leave the house, they avoid the redness and peeling of the skin, but also prevent burns deep caused by UVA rays, how to protect against UVB rays, responsible for the development of skin cancer.

Remember that the protectors should be used even in the winter. For those who like taking sun-bathing and sunbathing.


  • Remove the makeup before going to sleep:

The makeup cover your pores, thus preventing the skin from breathing. Basically, in the short term, sleeping, makeup, favors the appearance of blackheads, pimples, allergies, mainly in the eyes and dehydration of the skin.

Miss 10 minutes taking off the makeup your skin in 20 years will thank you.


  • do Not squeeze blackheads and pimples:

it Looks like something harmless to be poking at a pimple can make it turn a skin patches quite difficult to disappear.

Another tip is nothing to spend toothpaste on the pimple, in addition to not help, may make the situation worse.

To control the appearance of pimples, it is important to control the oiliness of the skin, foods that contains carbohydrates to be consumed in large quantities contribute to the emergence of pimples.


  • Stay more calm:

we Know that is easier said than done, but stress not only affects your mental sanity it affects your skin.

A 2004 study by the University of California in San Francisco discovered that chronic stress affects your body at the cellular level, the deterioration in high speed.

So, do Yoga or try deep breathing exercises, and at least one hour before bedtime, hit the button “off” if you turn off the world your skin will thank you.


  • Washing your face with the right soap:

Make this in the morning and before bed, preferably with a product that fights the oily skin.

In the pharmacy and in the market there are several brands available and your dermatologist can help you choose the best option.


To have a healthy and beautiful skin, the best time to moisturise is when skin still feels damp – the moisturiser will act as a sealant and help hydrate the skin.

So start the habit to moisturize every time you take a bath, shower or even wash their hands.


  • Feeding the correct – beautiful Skin:

Some studies show that certain vitamins and foods help in maintaining a beautiful and youthful skin, among them brazil Nuts, Salmon, Canola Oil, Flax Seed.

Green Tea is an important food because it provides many benefits to the skin.

it Has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the risk of damage caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and prevent skin cancer.


  • Water a powerful ally:

water is the liquid essential to keep the beauty. Problems such as dry skin, can be avoided with the intake of two litres of water per day.

When the skin is moisturized, the wrinkles become less noticeable and the skin becomes more firm. That way, your skin will get the nutrients it needs to always be healthy.


  • Use quality products:

Look, we know that beauty products are not always cheap in the most part, the more the old saying it here, look at the quality not the price. With the skin of the face does not play.

Spend a little more on the purchase of a moisturizer of a good brand or makeup that you know will not give you allergy. For you that have sensitive skin allergies is even more important if you care only use hypoallergenic products.


  • exercise:

Do exercises regularly to pump blood to the heart and keeps your mind and body in shape. But did you know that exercise also has a positive effect on the skin?

Not only working to improve the elasticity of your skin naturally is something that is lost with age, but also gives your skin a glow vibrant that is the picture of health and beauty.


  • Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco:

excessive Consumption of alcohol, smoking and caffeine, these 3 dry the skin and gives it a texture, unattractive with no life.


  • Look at the expiration date of your products:

Look at the date of maturity of the products you use on your skin it is very important to look at regularly the validity of the creams, makeup, and sunscreen that you are using.

retired Product can harm instead of help. One thing that you need to know is, if the product is with a strange appearance, that you had to be a new disposal at the time to use the product expired on the skin can bring about stains among other effects.


  • Visit a dermatologist:

Your skin deserves at least one time per year to be cared for by a professional. This even 1 time a year don’t forget to visit the doctor so that he take a look at your skin.

it Is important to know whether we need to change some product that you are using or if you have any paint that needs to be removed.


  • Sleep is good:

surely you’ve heard that phrase, I’m going to sleep the sleep of beauty, this really is true since there’s nothing better than a body really rested for this you have to sleep well, you can even use makeup more without doubt the best way to avoid dark circles is to sleep.

UPDATED: 01.06.17



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