Serve a delicious pasta to salmon in the feast of the feasts of the end of the year

With the arrival of the holiday season, it is not difficult to find people who are full of doubts with the dishes that you must bring to the table. Between the traditional turkey and ham, many want to try something new, but that it is also compelling and conquer the taste buds of all guests.

in This case, the tip is to bet on the fruit of the sea, more specifically, in salmon. In addition to being a rather tasty, it can bring numerous health benefits. You will hardly find a person who does not like the ingredient, even more so if it is the astro parent of a well prepared dish.

Benefits of salmon

salmon is a source of protein and fatty acids. One of the most popular and beneficial for health is the omega-3, which appears in the form of triglycerides. The fish also contains vitamins of the complex A, B, and D and minerals such as selenium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

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regular consumption of salmon can provide numerous benefits to the health of the human being. Among them, we highlight the strengthening of the body and fight infections, reduce cholesterol, maintain flexibility of arteries and veins, strengthens the heart muscles and repair damage to cardiovascular tissues.

It also increases the efficiency of the functions of the brain, is good for eye health, helps in prevention of the oxidation process and free radicals that harm the body and helps in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

Noodles to the salmon

After you know a little more about the benefits of including salmon in your regular diet, the time has come to get to know the recipe which promises to be the success of your Christmas dinner and New Year’s.


-250 g of wheat pasta;
-1 chopped onion;
-1 leek;
-400 g of salmon cut into cubes without the skin;
-2 tablespoons (soup) of cream to light;
Salt to taste
-1 spoon (soup) of oil;
-grated parmesan Cheese to taste.

Mode of prepare

With the help of a pot, put water to boil with salt and a little olive oil. When she reaches the boiling point, add the wheat pasta and let it cook. At the end, strain and reserve.

Grab another pan and saute the leek with a little olive oil. Then, add the salmon. It is important that you stir well to avoid that the fish may burn and stick to the bottom of the pan. When the salmon whiten and begin to brown, add the cream, stirring constantly. At this stage, adjust the salt.

After that last part is ready, you will add the pasta to the sauce and let heat a little. Don’t forget to mix well. Turn off the heat and the dish is ready to be served. A tip is to add a bit of grated parmesan cheese. He will give a special touch to the dish.