Seeds of papaya can bring amazing benefits to your body

Native to tropical regions of the Americas, especially Mexico and countries of Central America, the papaya is a popular fruit not only for its sweet taste, but also for being a fruit with much water, which in addition to moisturize the body, even helps those who consume it, to cool off.

as Well as most fruit, typically consumes only the pulp, in the case of the papaya, all the orange of its interior, however, its seeds that are usually thrown away, have several benefits to human health, and may even be a natural remedy for some ailments. Learn more about the benefits that they can bring.

Seeds of the papaya

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Usually discarded, the seeds of papaya are a great source of fiber, vitamins (A,C,e And K) and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium; they can be very beneficial to improve blood circulation, act as regulators of intestinal, protect the kidneys of the renal failure, help to detoxify the liver, preventing liver diseases and can even prevent cancer.

But a fact about the seed of the papaya that few people know is that it can be a powerful home remedy to treat worms and parasites of the gastro-intestinal.

This is why they are a great source of an enzyme called papain, which acts to strengthen the protection of the organs of the system in gastric, making them in an environment that is little conducive to the emergence and survival of worms and parasites.

in addition, the seeds have another substance called carpaína, which is able to kill worms and amoebas.


Many people consume the seeds in natura, as soon as they are removed from the inside of the fruit. There are also those who uses this as a seasoning when dried and crushed, they have a flavor similar to pepper. By having a taste slightly bitter, it is not recommended that it be used in juices or vitamins.

They can also be used as an ingredient in sauces or soups. Check out the following delicious recipe for salad dressing using the seeds of papaya that will strengthen your system gastric:

seed Sauce papaya


  • 1 tablespoon (soup) seeds of papaya;
  • 1/4 of a cup of papaya;
  • 1/4 of a cup of onion;
  • 1/4 of a cup of cilantro;
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • 5 teaspoons of ginger;
  • 2 tablespoons (soup) of vinegar;
  • Juice of 1 lemon;
  • 1 tablespoon (tea) of honey;
  • 1/4 of a cup of olive oil;
  • Half spoon (tea) of salt.


With the exception of the olive oil, add all the ingredients in the blender, processor, or other container to use a mixer and whisk everything until it becomes a liquid. Pass the mixture through a colander to remove all of the residual solids and place the sauce to beat again, and drizzle in the olive oil gradually so that the mixture is as homogeneous as possible.

The salad dressing can be stored in a closed container and stored in the fridge for up to a week.