See what care the essential beauty for those who will travel

At the time of scheduling the holiday trip, in addition to animation, anticipation, and relaxation, it is good to put on the list of priorities for the care of the skin. The variation of temperature, for example, ends up reflecting directly on the condition of it. Therefore, one of the care essential is connected to the protection.

in This context, the dermatologist Claudia Marcal, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) gives tips and guidelines of how to protect the skin, both on the beach, swimming pool, travel, car, ship or plane.

Protetor solar

The first of these, and also the most important, that serves for all situations, is the use of sunscreen. Without this care, there is no skin that can resist to high and low temperatures, dry air and the sun. Now, the time has come to get to know all the tips passed on by the professional.

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Travel by airplane

Many people do not know, but it is essential to moisturize the very skin for the plane trips. Before taking off, recommended is to apply a good layer of moisturiser on face and hands, in addition to cream for the eye region, to avoid the dryness. “As for the long trips, spray the thermal water on the face, several times, this helps to keep the skin moisturized against the dry air inside the aircraft,” says Claudia Marcal.

Other important tips for the long trips by plane is not to forget to remove the makeup during the flight, before going to sleep and rest as much as possible. “When you are an hour from your destination, higienize the skin again. Not to get you to your destination with bags in the eyes, avoid eating salty foods and fatty foods. “It is important to remember to drink plenty of water. The ideal is to take a bottle per hour on the plane,”, it is recommended Claudia.

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The skin also needs to be extra careful, during the travel of the ship. “In the case of makeup, the ideal is to opt for a basis that contains sunscreen protection. The sunscreen needs to be high coverage, with FPS above 60, in addition to color for greater protection against visible light”, highlights the dermatologist.

To use makeup during the day, it is necessary to prepare the skin, with the use of soap or cleansing gel, moisturizer and finally the sunscreen. In the evening, before going to sleep, the makeup, and debris should be removed. “The ideal, for anyone who uses makeup on a daily basis, always have a solution, or milk makeup remover, to be used at night before washing your face”, says the dermatologist.

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As for the air-conditioning in general, both in the car, or environments, in function of the reduction of air humidity, the skin and hair become more dry and exposed to the aging. “it Is important to use antioxidant products, with assets that act deeply in the skin and neutralize free radicals”, says the doctor. At the time of the food, you prefer light snacks and fruits, avoid too much coffee, but overdo it in the water.

swimming Baths

According to Claudia Marçal, before entering the pool, it is necessary to avoid the use of exfoliants and abrasive soaps, which can strip the natural protection of the skin. “we Recommend the choice of antioxidants oral as vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene, and lutein, in addition to those that will help to strengthen the barrier function of the skin and protect from the sun, avoiding the burns”. You can also Use the filter to the sun and, after bathing, wipe the skin to remove impurities, use tonic or makeup remover.

The Dra. Claudia also highlights the importance of using moisturizing post-sun, with soothing effects and wound healing. It is essential to also drink plenty of water before and during bath pool, which maintains hydration of the body. Do not forget to protect the hair with products that neutralize the effects of sun and chlorine from the pool.

Exposure to the sun on the beach

sun exposure is important for the production of vitamin D, but there can be no exaggeration. The ideal is to expose yourself to the sun before 9h and after 16h, but without the open hand of the sun protection filters to the physical, even in the shade. “The indicated is to use the filter with the FPS from 60 and reapply the product every two hours, including a specific one for the lips. People with fair skin should be extra careful in relation to protection, but who has skin mulatto and afro-descendant also cannot stop using the sunscreen”, says the doctor.

in addition, the skin may suffer burns, redness, itching, irritations and blemishes. The excess heat can promote the production of sebum and in some way, contribute to the emergence of acne. For this reason, the Dra. Claudia indicates the use of sunscreen with blocker the physical basis of titanium dioxide, iron oxide and zinc, especially without oil, for oily skins.

Sand and sea baths

The water of the sea and sand-relax and refresh in themselves the body, however, you need to be aware of some issues that bring damage to the skin. “it Is important to mention the possibility of contracting infections caused by fungi and bacteria present in the sand. The skin can suffer from ringworm, that are feeding on the keratin in the epidermis”, he says.

The doctor points out that the groin and feet are the most affected regions, but are not the only ones to be hit. Therefore, it is important to prioritize hygiene and not spend too much time with the bathing suits wet. In the case of sea water unfit for bathing, there is the risk of contracting skin diseases because of the presence of feces, urine and garbage, for example. If there is any wound or cut in the skin, the contact with the water of the sea can contribute to the emergence of mycoses.