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in the Us, the famous always draw attention by their beautiful bodies.

But, sometimes, they also do not stand up to chocolatinho, a lasagna, a bean stew…

Then, after you stick your foot in the jackfruit, they end up getting out of shape.

After some time, they close the mouth and focus on the diet to lose weight and return to parade around with bodies enviable and perfect.

As the entire world is human, the famous also have relapse and re-gain a few extra pounds.

In our special list you will see 10 artists that suffer the most with the famous accordion effect.

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(VIDEO) celebrities who Were already Chubby

After you do a surgery and put a ring on the intestine to improve the health, the comedian Fabiana Karla jumped out of the mannequin 54 for the 48.

She said that you do not want to stay lean because it has the large structure, but it didn’t feel right weighing 85 pounds.

Oh, it is worth remembering that Fabiana used the form in your favor to create the Dra. Lorca, in the “Zorra Total”.

The character is a nutritionist on the contrary, it allows its patients to eat everything that is not so healthy.

After years of trying to resist temptation, Faustão followed by the same line of Fabiana Karla and stared at the operating table.

The presenter of the “Domingão do Faustão”, the Globe, made a bariatric surgery in 2009, which has been prohibited, and slimmed about 30 pounds.

as Well as the actress of the “Zorra Total”, he improved health and controlled diabetes and high blood pressure. Despite the benefits, it is or not is difficult to face the journalist skinny in this way? “Ôh crazy, my!”

Kelly Osbourne was known as the daughter chubby of rocker Ozzy and he stated that he had problems of self-esteem.

“I was called fat and ugly by the media my entire life. If judged in this way left me devastated,” he said.

As Kelly became a girl determined and turned the game around. The singer and presenter has a tendency to fatten, but managed to lose 26 pounds and displays currently a silhouette thinner.

Kelly still won the post of girl-propaganda of the brand Material Girl, designer of Madonna.

This is too much! Jennifer Hudson serves as an example of determination in several ways.

As the subject today is silhouette, here we go: the singer was always well full-bodied, but since the end of 2010 has shown a body enviable.

The beautiful lost 36 pounds and decided she would lose weight after the birth of their son, David Daniel Otunga, Jr. Jennifer assured him that it would not have achieved the new corpão without the force of will. Saw, people? You have to want to!

Since the beginning of this year, Jô Soares appeared new face – and new body also.

The “ex-cuddly” he lost 45 pounds with eating habits. He does not talk about the subject, but say the presenter, who has already arrived to weigh 160 pounds, today is 95.

And this is not the first time that Jô Soares makes you lose weight. Between 1972 and 1973, he came to 80 pounds with the help of medicines and diet, but it was very criticized. Now was different, it’s not Jo?

Jessica Simpson was known for his beautiful voice and the gorgeous body of sculptural. But, in recent years, the blonde was a struggle with the balance.

Whenever it appears in public, Jessica displays some more pounds – or less – and declares that does not care for the beauty.

She is the perfect example of those who live, indeed, in accordion effect.

The beautiful and wonderful Gerard Butler always struck the hearts of poor mortals with their beauty, and of course, your muscles.

But during a holiday in Barbados, the actor surprised to appear with the body out of shape.

even so, it is no longer beautiful, and you’ve already recovered everything that God gave you. Who watched the movie “300” you know what we’re talking about, right girls?

Mariah Carey has always been really skinny, but in the last few years living in an accordion effect without size. By the way, all gained strength after the singer, who married Nick Canon.

the Sages who say that marry fattening… Mariah is there to prove that it is difficult to even stay on the line.

To complete, currently, she recovers from the pregnancy of the twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

And if you marry fattening, Kevin Federline is here in the list of the week to make the theory fall to the ground. For him, separation is also grounds to earn a few extra pounds.

He was all healed, but after that ended relationship with Britney Spears, he has never been the same. Will the divorce made the cute attack the fridge?

And speaking of Britney Spears, looks it there by closing our list with gold key!

After several crises the nerve, the pop star have relaxed and did not care more of the visual.

She shaved her head, went out almost every night and seemed to not care to perform at the MTV Music Awards after all the scandals with the body is more chubby. Britney lives so: fattening, lose weight, fattening, makes you lose weight.

10 Tricks to Lose Weight

1 – Review your dietary habits

During the winter, especially after the Christmas holidays, a healthy diet is left a bit aside.

If you want to lose weight quickly and lose weight by eating, the secret is to review the charges of bad eating habits fat and sugar to give the space a diet consisting mainly of foods fat burning to achieve immediate effect.

2 – Drink too much and eliminate alcohol

The first enemies of excess weight are sugars and, consequently, the alcohol.

Completely deleted the alcohol and if you find yourself at a dinner gala and you can’t avoid, you drink just a glass of wine, preferably red.

As for sodas instead, please contact with the precious tea burns fat and to drink lots of water.

3 – Rest well

it Is important to lose weight fast that the whole body works well both in full force.

Therefore, it is essential to rest well at night helping with maybe a good herbal tea to be relaxing and reduce the stress to a minimum.

4 – sports

it is possible to lose weight quickly, without burning fat with the invaluable help of sports.

5 – Fast

If you think that fasting can make you lose weight quickly, you’re wrong, fasting slows down your metabolism, the first responsible for weight loss and, especially, deprives you of energy precious that you need to cope with everyday life.

Eat healthy foods and do not skip meals, rely on the detox fruit mixed and vegetables and the approach to food by the properties of the weight loss, such as ginger.

6 – Reduce the spices and seasonings

If the fast is not good for fitness, abound with spices is even less beneficial.

Reducing fat calories and taking condiments alternatives to enrich and flavor of your meals and learn to cook without salt.

7 – goal setting

Have a hurry to lose weight, often leads to not see the results.

then, type a table with your goals short term and long term to worry about especially how to get in shape and back in the jeans and then move on to targets that are more distant, but still important, how to prepare for the season of swimsuit feared.

8 – diet Program weekly

A very hectic life constantly fighting against the clock could drag it into a vicious circle that would not allow you to lose weight quickly.

The council is to program the Sunday night all you have to eat during the week for all several meals.

The program will allow you to better identify which are the food of the diet to lose belly and when is the right time to eat, but most will allow you to do an expense seasonal suitable and saving you consume products at the peak of their nutritional intake.

9 – Bring your lunch in the office

Follow will be healthy eating and sports are not the only two elements that will lead you to lose weight quickly.

patience, although in the short term, will always be rewarded, and it is important that is very few.

To this house prepared to take to the office, so you always know what you eat, in what quantities and in which the caloric intake.

10 – Relax and be free of the obsession

to Lose weight quickly with just a few simple steps that you can, but this should not become an obsession.

Fixing a lot about the desire to lose weight fast can lead to the opposite effect due to stress, it is important to enjoy moments of relaxation and fun.

The Yoga even if you are a beginner you will do well to keep the right balance psychophysical and once you learn the basics you can proceed with these five yoga exercises to lose weight.

The fast Diet:

please See the menu to lose weight quickly.

This diet is based on the principle of intermittent fasting, that is to eat what you want for 5 days during the week and consume foods that are calorie restriction on the other two days.

it is, therefore, a fast real, but of a reduced calorie diet, which provides, for 2 days per week, a contribution equal to about 500 calories per day.

Will it work?

There are several experts who speak of the benefits of a diet such as this, based on a reduction of calories.

The diet menu fast would have positive effects on mood, because it could help increase the production of factors neurotróficos in the brain that would be responsible of joy.

Also this diet will allow the pancreas to have moments of rest.

All this translates into increasing the effectiveness of insulin, with a consequent decrease in the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

After a few hours from the beginning of “fast”, in fact, the promotions body does not accumulate more fats and burn those which are deposited from time to time.

Some experts argue, however, that the period in which you are taking less calories you should be limited to one day during the week, because you run the risk of overloading the body.

fast Diet is also contraindicated for those who suffer from hypertension, pregnant women and those with renal failure.

what are you lost?

As you can lose weight by following the principles and rules of the diet fast?

There really are a amount of pounds, which is valid for everyone, because it depends on the metabolism of the body, how much you initially weigh, physical activity that is possibly made and how many calories you are taking in the days of “fast”.

he Must remember that, as with all diets low calorie in the first few weeks there is a leakage of fluid is observed a significant reduction in weight.

then the body will start to burn the fat accumulated.

do Not hurry to lose weight, because usually, following a diet to lose weight fast like this, you can lose 3 kg in eight weeks.

what to eat

In fact, you have to pay a lot of attention to the food that you choose, because, as the authors explain, the fast diet, some foods can consume in a few minutes, the amount of calories to be taken at the end of the day.

Best to avoid, therefore, sandwiches and food very temperate.

we Must consider, for example, that a large cup of coffee with milk can have over 300 calories.

The best thing to do is to consume foods with low glycemic index such as legumes and vegetables, that also can increase the sensation of satiety.

Green also fruit, such as strawberries, apples, oranges and grapes.

During the day, it is important to drink plenty of water, enriched with cucumber or lemon slices.

We can also drink herbal tea or green tea, avoiding sugar.

You should not drink alcoholic beverages, and fruit juices with high sugar content.

we Consider that a glass of white wine provides about 120 calories and a can of beer also it is 153 calories.

You should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.

what to do

Eat less for two days during the week is a pace quite sustainable.

The goal is to divide the 500 calories more meals throughout the day.

you May want to choose two non-consecutive days in the week.

the authors of The diet fast recommended to record the initial weight, the same as fixing the body mass index and weight you want to achieve.

The authors also recommend that you run the analysis, such as those for cholesterol and blood sugar, to control the state of personal health.

This way, you will be aware of the healthy diet to lose weight you are following, avoiding inconvenience to the calorie reduction.

in the days that you do not reduce the calories, in theory, it is possible to eat any food, but you should not overdo it, to avoid putting a pressure on our bodies.

Even so, the authors explain, you will not want to eat much, because it changes the eating habits and the body get used to the new rhythms.


we See an example of the menu to be followed in the days that involve a reduction of calories.

it Is possible, following the principle of fasting, make lunch or add your snacks to fruit.


110 grams of fat free cheese, a pear and a fig tree.

Or 100 grams of yogurt with 30 grams of flakes of rice and 110 grams of cranberries.


140 grams of chicken meat, fried quickly with ginger, cilantro, garlic, and a teaspoon of olive oil, 90 grams of hood and 2 carrots and cabbage.

UPDATED: 01.06.17



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