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To lose weight it is recommended balanced diet and physical activity, this way if lose weight with health.

But another feature that is popular to lose weight, the remedies for weight loss fast.

it Is important to remember that these remedies for weight loss must only be used with prescription and also follow-up of the appropriate professional.

There is a type of medicine with function to speed up the metabolism, and also burn fat local.

These remedies will be efficient, without causing harm to the health, when taken with a balanced diet, with fewer calories, and physical activity disciplined.

If you are not in compliance with the rules, usually comes the accordion effect, or is, after lose weight fast and stop taking the medicine, return the unwanted pounds.

important Fact is that with a balanced diet the consumption of sugars, fats and also calories is decreased; the medication facilitates the process of burning the fat that gets accumulated.

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And the physical practice ensures the body without the toxins from the remedy, the damages are reduced, and influence the caloric expenditure.

Among the many remedies for weight loss homemade, both natural and synthetic, is flaxseed, chitosan, coconut oil, among others.

And between the drugs known, there is a Lipomax, Victoza, Xenical, and also Ribonabanto. There are many options but that should be well analyzed before the choice.

The remedies that are based on amphetamines, when taken in the wrong way and are stopped quickly, can lead to back appetite redoubled, and this causes an increase in weight.

drugs And medicines that are anorexígenos decrease appetite. But the abuse of this remedy may lead to problems of anaemia, and also anorexia, lack of appetite.

Already the dietilpropiona helps to burn and decrease fat; the colidrato of the anfepramona is also used in these cases.

fluoxetine actually is a remedy antidepressants, but also an ally in weight loss. The action is in the control of anxiety to lose weight, and this problem is one of the main reasons of obesity.

The bupropion, is recommended as the antidepressant medication, and smoking. The action is similar to fluoxetine which makes the person calm and takes away the anxiety, so reducing the amount of food that is ingested on a daily basis.

Already taking the chitosan, 2 capsules half-hour previous to meals, the medicine acts to absorb fat, and decrease the caloric value of the feed.

chitosan is composed basically by fiber, and the body eliminates all of the fat absorbed. Furthermore, it helps in digestion, elimination of waste and substances that are caloric.

The medicine xenical helps to prevent absorption of fats on the menu daily, so this decreases the absorption of calories. The promise is the elimination of around 30% of the fat consumed.

This process of elimination is in the feces. The indication is to take this medicine with some food to decrease possible discomfort gastrointestinal.

And the medicines handled in the country, they are produced under the surveillance of Anvisa, in theory do not pose a serious risk to health.

To decide by the use of the remedy in lose weight fast, and even in what is the most appropriate, it is essential to consult the doctor and have tests. It is necessary to combine the remedy with healthy food and constant practice of physical exercises in the routine.

Only ingest the medication and to wait to lose weight is not valid, because after this period, the weight undesirable returns. Soon, the remedy should be a tool to aid in slimming, and not as the main factor in this challenge.

An important note is related to the medicine sibutramine, which has the promise of loss up to 4 pounds in a month. But the remedy should be used only by the obese.

When it is ingested by anyone who is not obese and in a wrong way, can cause health problems.

The remedies to lose weight natural is possible to take the dependency, if prolonged. And the dependency can be beyond the physical, but emotional.

that is, the professional follow-up is essential, as is also not prolong the use in the process of weight loss.

there Are several drugs available for the process of losing weight fast.

With the guidance of the doctor, and balanced diet, sometimes being required nutritional education, and also with physical exercises practiced, it is possible to lose weight.

And when the remedy is appropriate and necessary, it is natural to use medications to lose weight quickly.

Bread Fattening?

Misconceptions of diet are die hard! It is always good to remember that no food is forbidden when you want to control your weight.

it is All a matter of proportions and the bread is no exception to this rule.

Far from being banned from the diets, it may even be helpful… Choosing as well.

a Few people don’t like bread, but sometimes it is completely removed from the diet in hopes of losing a few pounds.

it Is true that with 280 calories per 100 g baguette is not a great way to lose weight. However, the bread has the nutritional benefits that it is a shame not to.

In fact, it is virtually free of fat, it provides protein and fiber in proportions significant and is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates.


The bread is a good source of fiber. The baguette classic, on average, it takes 3 g per 100 g, this value can be multiplied by three for the bread.

The fiber for our daily needs is 25 g per day and, generally, strive to achieve them. This source, therefore, should not be forgotten.

Good Sugars:

With a starch content of about 40 to 50 g per 100 g, it helped to cover our daily needs.

it Is, therefore, complements the pasta, rice, semolina, vegetables or potatoes in our daily diet.

it Is especially recommended to eat bread with meals containing no other starch. In fact, his presence will bring the sugars necessary for a balanced diet.

Rich in Calories, but a Help in Weight Control:

The bread can help you control your weight thanks to the excellent combination of sugars and fiber.

sugars complex the bread will help prevent hypoglycemia and cravings between meals. That is, the digestion of the sugars is slowed by the presence of the fibers.

In which will reduce the glycemic index of bread (their ability to increase the level of sugar in the blood) and look less hormones, namely insulin, which promotes the storage of fat.

The bread will be levied therefore in an absence or lack of complex carbohydrates in a meal, to avoid pinching a few hours later.

It helps control hunger and is of great usefulness in programs of weight loss fast and easy offered to use at the right time and in the right amounts.


The bread can also participate in the weight gain, if consumed in excess or in combination with other sources of complex carbohydrates.

Therefore, avoid adding a piece of bread in a meal that provides a sufficient amount of potatoes, vegetables, pasta, rice, or other grains.

If you really can’t go without bread (there are many people, in this case), you can simply reduce the amount of carbohydrates that we cite in support.

All the sugars consumed in excess of daily demands are stored, you should have a watchful eye on them.

The selection of the wheat, the methods of manufacture of bread, the addition of exogenous gluten, have led to forms of gluten sensitivity not well-known today and is distinct from celiac disease.

that Is why some people say they barely tolerate bread. In this case, the bread yeast that allows a part of the degradation of gliadins during fermentation may be more well-supported.

Another weak point of the bread is the salt content. With more than 1.5 grams of salt per 100 g, it is among the main foods responsible for our consumption of sodium.

be Careful with the people that make the retention of water, hypertension or certain kidney diseases.

How to Find a Flat Belly

Several causes are involved. Increasingly, you will find the answer to implement and improve your waist by tightening your notches on the belt:

My hormones are playing tricks on me:

This little bit of belly appeared in menopause, the same that you have not been concerned with weight issues before. Blame the turbulence of the hormone which changes to a more “male”.

If your diet is very rich, including sugar. It promotes the secretion of the hormone insulin, which facilitates the handling of glucose in the sangue.

And stores it as fat in the abdominal region. We need to change this routine that if you find yourself in a vicious circle.

The solution: You choose your carbohydrates (sugars). Favors the sugars with a low glycemic index (quinoa, almonds, mandarin oranges, coconut beans, artichokes…) and avoids carefully sugars (sweets, table sugar, mashed potatoes, biscuits, white bread, syrup…).

it is Believed to associate always with vegetables rich in starch. The fiber slows the digestion of carbohydrates and, thus, help to reduce the insulin secretion.

I Am Bloated and I Have Digestive Problems:

A diet rich in fermentable fibers or irritants can cause swelling that are not lacking to significantly increase the waist, in addition to having a discomfort digestive.

The solution: Put on the fiber soft and easy digestion of food. We have forgotten vegetables, oranges, potatoes, cabbage, and all ferments.

whole grain Foods are also aggressive to the intestinal villi, so they are prohibited. As well as soft drinks!

Swell, the Failure in the Retention of Water:

The less you drink the more you retain water. Mechanisms of hormonal to maintain the volume of body water, disappear so that the blood is too concentrated, that is, when you’re dehydrated.

it Is a reflection of survival. It is, therefore, important to drink enough to properly clean.

The salt can be present in various foods, we remind you that we find in cheese, cold cuts, canned goods, ready meals, soups, dehydrated and auxiliary kitchen (broth-cub, for example).

Lack of Tono in the Stomach:

There is also the lack of muscle tone and flaccidity of the abdominal muscles.

Our posture in the office and in the car is there too.

The solution: no mystery, we must change the environment, requiring at the least 3 times per week with appropriate exercises. For the lazy, the belts of electro-stimulation can provide a good alternative.

I’m overweight in General:

The excess of weight, when located in the lower part of the body and the hips, buttocks, thighs does not arise can be serious health problems, especially in the abdominal area, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic. We need to act.

The solution: do Not start a diet restrictive and poor, your diet should be both quantitatively and qualitatively correct.

Want to lose weight too fast, the waist will thicken year after year, and weight gain will eventually become irreversible. Eat balanced and moderately.

If necessary, the help of a nutrition professional as part of a good nutritional rehabilitation.

And for all, do not forget to eat in silence, do not skip meals, chew and move enough in the day.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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