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Natural Remedy for Your Hair to Grow Faster

Many women dream of making the grow hair faster, but end up giving up in the middle of the process, because I think that to have a big hair to envy, they would need to spend a fortune in salons with the treatment of the last generation…

I’m going to show you today, that is not so… There are homemade recipes powerful to make your hair grow fast and strong, that you can do in your home, that will really stimulate the growth of your hair

we will Learn in today’s tip, how to make a home remedy using mustard, honey, egg, all-natural and which ingredients are known to provide health and beauty to the wires…

Perhaps you may ask yourself: Will Natural Recipes work?

And I answer: yes, of Course, proof of this are the famous who can spend fortunes in beauty salons and turn and messes, speak to the media a tip homemade beauty, is not the same ?

” Then come with me, that’ll tell you all the step-by-step for you to accelerate the growth of the hair, with this homemade recipe powerful…

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How to Make Hair Grow – Important Tips

Before we start with the recipe, I want to inform, that determination is also essential for you want to make your hair growing urgent

long Hair and beautiful require a lot of care, special, you should always be treating him with umectações, hidratações, etc…

And also have to have willpower, to not be running all the time to the lounge to change the look, because if you cut frequently, you will never have the hair that both dreams…

Another important step, also is to take care of your diet and ensure that you are consuming, protein, vegetables and fruit, because they will provide the nutrients that your hair needs to grow fast and strong

the Other part that greatly influences also on the health and growth of the wires, is the area of emotional, you have people who have to fall in the capillary, by emotional factors, therefore take good care of you, and try to eliminate a little stress from day to day, practicing the activities that you like and that are pleasurable to you…

One thing to sign, also you should know, is that you should never abuse the use of chemicals, they will cause damage and leave the hair very brittle, this way all your hair to grow, you will break down and the growth will not be noticed..

Now that you have you spent some basic tips, let’s go to our recipe powerful home remedy for your hair grow in 1 day super-fast, write ai…

Natural Remedy Homemade for the Hair to Grow

See how easy it is to do this tip, it takes just a few ingredients, but ingredients very powerful and effective that stimulate circulation such as the mustard seed, and nourish the root as the egg and the olive oil give…

Ingredients of the Home Remedy to Accelerate the Growth of the Hair


  • 1 egg yolk

  • 2 tablespoons (soup) of mustard powder

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

  • 3 tablespoons (soup) of warm water

how to Prepare the Recipe for the Hair to Grow

1- Place the warm water in a container, then add the mustard and mix well.

2- Now take a light beat in the egg yolk with a fork and add to the mix.

3- After you place the olive oil and mix until well-blended.

How to Use this Tip for the Hair to Grow

1- With hair clean and dry, apply this mixture on your scalp, massaging in a circular with the tips of fingers…

2- You will feel a warm up on the scalp, this is natural, it is precisely this heating, which will help stimulate the growth of hair, activating the circulation and by sending nutrients to the hair bulb…

3- Put a cap rolled in the hair, or even a plastic bag and leave it to act for 20 minutes at least, if you want to leave a little more can, just don’t exceed thirty minutes.

4- Now you just wash your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner.

5- Repeat the recipe once per week until your hair reaches the desired length.

This hint of mustard makes the hair grow, because when we stimulate scalp circulation, the hair bulb receives more nutrients getting stronger and making your hair grow very fast..

Liked the tip today? Leave your comment telling me your opinion, or if you’ve made any recipe homemade to speed up the growth of hair, can tell me there…

Our Hair

Some dissatisfaction personal are silent or admit the tone of the joke, because they are considered to be too superficial for the person to talk to seriously.

hair is one of them.

Very thin very soft, not very blond, bright enough.

how Many times have you given in to anger, discouragement, spite, or disgust at our mirror?

what these attributes were supposed to sublimate femininity?

Because, if the formula is a little outdated, that would be “the ornament of women” ready smile, he makes this belief is deeply rooted in the minds of the people.

Hence the need and attention for relentless are a year round object.

The lounge wailing

“most women are very critical with your hair, they are not complied with.”

They want to “more”: more brightness, more silky more material, but they also want the what not to do.

The example is extreme, but it is a good reflection of reality.

The art of the barber is to get the big difference between fantasy and reality.

Is struggling for years with a fake wavy dull without style, and brown.

When the color fades and the smoothing goes, I am ashamed to say, but be a little depressed, as if a mask was falling and saw me as I am, without artifice, that is, none.

We unconscious desembaraçamos

If psychoanalysts, note that at the time of analysis, all of the women evoke, to long or short, as his mother touched his hair, it is, of course, is no coincidence.

This attribute of femininity is invested in a special way by the mother.

the Negligence of the hair and your daughter, have to discipline them in a bun or ponytail, it did use long and released, the lid that is gently or brutality?

These desires and gestures of the mother are involved in the construction of the sexual identity of the girl.

So, later on, the hair does not a loved one or, conversely, pampered life to a part of this complex relationship.

The pleasures of old are re-enabled, the former fought, or played back from the pain.

His mother said that later, your hair would be thicker and stronger if it is kept short.

The hair grow fast is also let us not forget, a secondary sexual character.

They evoke the side of animal sexuality, which reminds us that we are also mammals, programmed to reproduce.

the More the hair is healthy, rich, shiny, the more she attracts the lust of men.

Expose your hair voluminous, or, on the contrary, try to tame controlling says a lot about our relationship with seduction and sexuality.

As to the desires of another hair, blonde, brown, curly or straight, is to want to take ownership of the sexual power that is ready for this or that image.

But wanting us to lack, what is missing is that the result of our identity as a subject, by definition, incomplete.

In all the human missions, there is this desperate desire to revive the condition of completeness.

The path to reconciliation

If hair is a source of dissatisfaction, it is because we design for them our fantasies of identity.

The transformations fast and visible may be to give the impression that we can become another way almost magical.

In a cut and color, we can change the image, so the identity.

We can develop a self-facet remained in the shadows arise symbolically a descent painful, challenging femininity.

Whether the reasons are many, in all cases, the dissatisfaction is an engine that drives the to reduce the gap between the perception of the self and that was the image that is returned.

the greater the difference between the two is tenuous, the best that living with ourselves.

The reconciliations with the hair do not always go by the extreme, it is still often the opposite.

increasingly, the dissatisfaction translates into a desire to better understand to better accept it.

The colors of the trenches do not want more, the women want to beautify the hair, to sublimate the natural, they want the brightest, most healthy, most of the tonics.

it Is a virtuous circle, hair tidy is more beautiful, and more pleasure than we have to deal with this.

“There are 40 years, Christine has chosen to provide care, a cut and color in a large room”.

“I always did the minimum for my thin hair”.

I Thought they deserved, nor effort, nor expense. Wrong, because for the first time in my life I have a cut that gives them the material and color that gives them shine.

During a year, treat them is the “miracle”.

Sonia, 48, did the opposite.

After years of what she calls “control hair permanent”, she decided to let nature take account.

Now your hair, once smooth and bright red are bushy and gray.

A way for her to take it with good humor, the passage of time and laziness.

the Barometer of our mood, our experiences, lab identity, our hair and the relationship that we have with him many times speak louder and true, our desires and our speech.

In itself it was dark, so she wanted to push “edge” by forgetting my curly hair, limit perverse.

Small, I wore it in braids so tight that I had migraines.

I hated it, it was like a disease, shameful that he had to permanently remove the eyes of the other.

sometimes I dreamed that I would shave my head.

And then my mother died, I was depressed, I was 20 years old.

I’ve Been in therapy for three years.

At the beginning of the second year, I needed to recover my junctions to two.

I stopped breads, straighten out, and I took my african roots and my hair mixed breed.

it Was like a second birth, I felt strong, as a carrier of energy that my mother had me punished.

Today, I like them, because tell you who I am and where I come from.

Extensions: the loss of energy?

To do:

Test: Hair: make-good actions for your health?

the longer Hair, thicker in a few hours?

This is the miracle of the extension, the technique of collage-weaving-with-wire natural

China, Russia or India, transforms hair insignificant in luxurious adornments.

If the offer is tempting, is not exempt from risk.

The barber, who has worked for more than twenty years with the Odoul company

Michel-psycho energy, considers that, in accordance with the traditional chinese medicine, “the hair is the thread of the soul, and the tape of our lives”.

To blow the hair with the other, it would also absorb the risk of memory.

“One day, almost had to shave the head of a woman, a famous actress, who had a terrible tiredness that is unexplainable”.

Shortly after being exonerated of extensions, she recovered her vital energy.

“A caveat since rationalist, but that is probably going to hesitate to any other.”

Our hair dealing with the stress

We’ve all experienced this:

When we are stressed or anxious, our hair seems to react as a clock.

– Effects that can be mild (itching, irritation) or severe (alopecia).

And we have all heard of people who, after a trauma, have lost their hair or who have night white.

scientific Truth, or popular legend?

If all of the experts recognize the impact of stress on the health of our hair, their opinions differ in their intensity.

it Must be said that the hair does not deliver us with all its mysteries, even that records and stores all events in our lives.

Is a “finger-hard,” the real that is reviewed on a regular basis in criminology to detect the presence of drugs, medicines, foods, DNA fragments.

we Can draw long hair in ten centimeters, the life of a person for ten months, including the determination of everything that she ingested.

Box black genuine in our organization, and they are witnesses of our lives.

you Can detect the microscope the impact of the emotional life of the structure of the keratin smooth, uniform or irregular, and the root of the hair.

The scientists are unanimous in observing that the voltage current (fatigue, overwork, worry, professional, or family member) disturbs the balance of the hair.

How much more if you are nervous and stressed, the entire scalp is sensitive, shovels, scrapers and exfoliates.

The state of anxiety decreases the flow circulation.

Now the hair did that is being starved of blood.

Less well-fed, weakens.

But the hair is also very sensitive to food, including the schemes that will limitation, pollution, tobacco.

The hair bulb, which is highly vascularized, it is highly sensitive to stress, which increases the secretion of sebum, reduces irrigation and generates toxins acid.

Every impulse of stress causes contraction of blood vessels in the roots, which contributes to the refinement of the hair.

The attack more violent continues to be the emotional stress (loss of a loved one, divorce, break-in).

however, Philippe Assouly, the role of stress cannot be denied, it is assessed in excess of:

There are also physiological reasons for the thinning of the hair.

Alopecia areata, for example, which was assigned for many years a source psychosomatic, may be due to an autoimmune disease with genetic predisposition.

Little more than a quarter of alopecia are also, in fact, caused by stress:

In the ten studies show that five can trigger the five and demonstrate otherwise.

hair Loss massive can also occur after a disturbance of the thyroid, general anesthesia, childbirth, bleeding, high fever, a heart attack, a significant weight loss.

Taking certain drugs (beta blocker, high dose of cortisone, some birth control pills etc.).

in addition, next the dermatologist, as hair problems can also be the cause of stress and anxiety shots.

Dandruff, hair fall, psoriasis is alarming and it’s not pretty:

This “disgrace” alone can cause stress or state of anxiety.

You have to ask yourself: my hair problem is caused by stress, or it creates stress in me?

stress is a coping mechanism.

It can be positive or negative, acute or chronic.

This causes the stimulation of the glands adrenal and a reduction of the threshold of immune that may cause seborrhea, dandruff.

you Can also increase sweating in the scalp, which intensify the irritation and dandruff.

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Tip very nice for the hair grow fast and strong, and the cool thing is that it is all natural, kisses.


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