Recipe promises to end with the stomach pain and burning

you Know that feeling of burning in the stomach that leaves no one quiet? If the case still come with pain in the same body so, the thing gets still worse.

Usually, the symptoms are caused by some food that did not go down well or even a result of other associated diseases, such as gastritis, for example. But, all of this has the solution!

The problem may be caused by the ingestion of fatty foods, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages, and food-apimentadas. Usually, after you delight yourself with all of this, the body starts to exhibit signs that you are not well. The first of these is heartburn. The nuisance is characterized by stinging and burning, caused by the contact of the gastric juice with the end of the esophagus.

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But, before you run to the pharmacy, what do you think to try a solution very fast and practical, crafted from natural ingredients? The suggestion is of Fitoterapeuta Naturopath, André Resende. It is important to make clear that the condition is more common in the population than you think. In Brazil it can reach to approximately 12% of the population and 15% at the global level.

Symptoms of disease

The burning of the stomach is a disease characterized by the sensation of queimor, or heat, in the region of the chest. In general, the pains occur behind the skeleton, passing through the region of the esophagus and throat. Along with these symptoms, the patient also comes to feel an acid taste in the mouth.

In many cases, the burning may be associated with gastric reflux, which also comes with the cough. You will notice that the symptoms can intensify after a meal. In short, the burning in the stomach is the increase of gastric acid production and reflux into the esophageal overtube.

Benefits of some of the ingredients

Before you learn the recipe, learn a little more about the properties of some of the ingredients used in preparation:

Potato – This tuber is considered alkaline, and, therefore, it can be used to soothe the gastrointestinal tract and help heal acidity excessive.

Kale – The plant possesses the properties antiulcerosas. She serves on the healing of possible sores, what causes the pains in stomach are relieved.

Recipe for ending up with the pains and burning in the stomach

The departure of a combination of ingredients, the result will be some teas that are “shot and drop” in the resolution of the problem. In addition, the recipes are very simple and the ingredients are the access of any person.


-1 potato;
-2 cabbage leaves;
-1 spoon (soup) of the seed of fennel;
-10 mint leaves;
-Half a liter of water.

Mode of prepare

To prepare the recipe, has no mystery. You will only need a blender. Start by adding the water, then the rest of the ingredients. After that, whisk everything for about a minute. With the help of a sieve, pass the whole mixture and pack into a glass container with a lid.

The recommendation is that is ingested a cup of tea from the mixture three times a day, in the morning, another in the afternoon and the last part of the night.