Prepare cream moisturizer for hair african armed and very dry

Whatever the type of your hair the specific care it helps keep you looking healthy, hydrated and with lots of sparkle. To hair african and armed, the reinforcement in the hydration should be more evidenced. To resolve the problem the Fitoterapeuta Naturopath, André Resende, spent a hint cool.

from The use of natural ingredients, such as shea butter, coconut, cream of castor oil and oil of acai, he formulated a moisturizing cream that promises real miracles for the afro hair. He promises to make the yarn dry in the hydrated, bringing brightness and softness. This ends up helping in time to pack.

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Benefit of some of the products

Before you know the amount and the ideal way to prepare the cream, pay attention to the benefits that some of the products used can bring to the hair.

Manteiga de Karité

The shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the tree that bears the same name. It has four ingredients that are essential for the health of the hair. They are: fatty acids stearic and oleic acid, linoleic acid and arachidonic acid. In addition it contains vitamins of the complex, A and E. this is Why the shea butter provides strength and hydration to hair.

Mask of coconut

coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, K, fatty acids and other nutrients beneficial to the health of the hair. The ingredient is quite indicated to control the volume, reduce frizz and combat dryness, especially in the afro hair, which are more conducive to these characteristics.

Creme de mamona

Also known as castor bean, castor oil is a natural ingredient that brings many benefits to the hair. It helps in the growth, hydration and fortification of the wires. Other benefits linked to the product is to combat the fall, and the natural glow.

Cream for hair

After you know the properties of some of the ingredients used in the design of the moisturizing cream for afro hair, the time has come to learn, step by step, how to prepare it.


-50 g cream lotus;
-220 g of shea butter;
-500 g mask coconut;
-500 g of cream castor oil;
-30 ml of oil of acai.

Mode of prepare

Take a small container and combine all ingredients. Mix well all of them so that they form a cream fairly homogenous. This is done, start applying on the hair. To optimize the application, separate the hair in small move. Leave the cream to act on the hair for five minutes. Past this time, just rinse with the shampoo and conditioner of your preference.