Prenatal Yoga: sun Salutation

What better way to start the day, give yourself a moment to connect with your body with a routine of yoga asanas.

If the yoga is already recommended for the general public due to their multiple benefits, for pregnant women it is even more useful to include small practices of yoga into your daily routine.

yoga has a quality that does not leave us indifferent, and is that your practice adapts to any person, regardless of age, physical condition, degree of flexibility, or the presence or absence of any pathology. the yoga adapts to our body and our mind and offers benefits for the individual and unique to each person who practices it. It is not a discipline of competition, but a way of working through our own resources in order to achieve personal growth.

In my case yoga has become a way to communicate with my body and learn from what he tells me in every moment.

I am Currently pregnant 25 weeks and practicing yoga gives me energy, vitality and helps me to better manage the changes they are experiencing my body.

When I do my yoga practices in the morning I am filled with energy and my body is prepared for all the rattle of the day.
In contrast, when I do a yoga routine in the evening calm my mind and relax my muscles, allowing me to sleep better and end your day.

Today I leave you a sequence of positions of prenatal yoga that are made in the so-called “salute to the sun” that when combined heat up the body and prepare to start a routine longer of asanas. You can also do a series of three sun salutations to start the day and end with a short meditation. I assure you that will help you to study for a pregnancy so much more healthy and calm.

you Can see the video of this variant of the sun salutation on my Youtube channel: Yoga for Pregnant women sun Salutation (variation sitting)