Yoga for pregnant women. Poses that work the legs and hips

If you are pregnant, surely your doctor will have informed you about the kind of physical exercise that you can perform during pregnancy.

If the pregnancy is an instance in which more care must be taken when choosing a sport, we need not stop to train and tone our body.

If you did sport before getting pregnant you should continue to do so, and if, on the contrary, if you were not much given to sweat and exercise, I must tell you that in these nine months you have to strive a little more and move around,since it is good for you and for your baby.

Surely you may wonder why should I exercise during pregnancy? Because it is simple, your body changes day to day when you are pregnant and have a routine of frequent exercise will help your body adjust better to the physiological changes that occur, thus preventing digestive problems, fluid retention, and the appearance of varicose veins or gestational diabetes , to mention some of the problems that commonly appear during pregnancy.

on the other hand, to keep the muscles healthy and strong will help us to cope with the changes that occur throughout the nine months of gestation, and above all prepare us to have a birth with less complications.

In my case, the Yoga has been a great ally to keep me in shape throughout my pregnancy and also, yoga on a regular basis, I prepared physically and mentally to get a delivery, quiet and fast.

Thanks to the yoga postures we can work deeply in each area of the body, giving you more flexibility, strength and resistance to our locomotive apparatus, as well as we learn to control the breathing ( which will be very helpful for when it comes to the big moment!)

All practice of this discipline, carried out in a manner adapted to the pregnancy, you will be very welcome, but as there are many, many Asanas (postures), in each post I will present them according to the main areas that they work or their potential therapeutic uses, today I leave you with:

If you include these three yoga postures in your usual practice, or as a complement to a session of stretching to help you tone the legs, work flexibility and to achieve a further opening of the hips, well being exercises that promote a good preparation for childbirth and a healthy pregnancy and in form.

it Is important that before practicing any exercise during pregnancy, as are sessions of yoga or any other discipline, consult your doctor the possibility to accomplish it without danger to you or your baby. Not all pregnancies are the same and each have a physical shape different, that is why it is important to adjust whenever the exercise of our personal skills and remember that when you practice yoga you should never feel pain.

Stance of the warrior I

Virabhadrasana I

Position of the downward-facing dog with leg raised

Virabhadrasana I

Sequence of the Position of the bridge

respective eras Bandhasana

For practice: make these poses when you are warmed up sufficiently the body, at the end of your yoga session, for example.

Keep a pace with fluid breathing, always taking and releasing the air through the nose and combining the inhalation and exhalation with the movements that you perform.

If you are pregnant do not keep the posture for a long time, it is preferable that you go in and out of the posture several times and not be weary.

And above all, enjoy how your body feels. the Inhale energy and exhale all worry, I will come right to you and to your baby. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and happy, Namaste