Pregnancy active, healthy and happy

The pregnancy represents on the woman’s stage of change and expectations, both in a physiological as well as mental and emotional. It is produced in us an infinity of variations that we may not always understand or control in the best way.

pregnancy is a process that has a time duration defined, it is that project that is undertaken you can’t leave, we know who we saw that where there was nothing now there is a big lump that has life, and that day was only a small cell, as they prepare to go out into the world to live and become a person who feels, breathes and loves…

There are many books that advise us how to better carry the various stages of our pregnancy; a lot has also been said of the importance of physical exercise, the power and the decrease of stress during pregnancy.

In my case, after much reading, and compare to various opinions of experts in the topic, I decided to stay with what is essential: keep on doing what made me feel good before the pregnancy and not fear the changes.

If, before knowing that she was expecting a baby already looked after my diet and did regular exercise, why change it? If before you practiced yoga as a way of balancing my body with my mind and achieve a state of well-being, why wouldn’t I continue to do so? The pregnancy is only a part of the life cycle and if they have to adapt to it, it must be done in a simple way and without concern

The pregnancy has the distinction of being a stage which may be viewed from many prisms. There are people that fall in a disease, or as a period of rest in which the woman is “vulnerable”, but this is not so for all. If it is true that there are cases in which the pregnancy within of the special circumstances and high-risk, but usually tends to be a natural cycle for which we are prepared instinctively as any female in nature.

that’s why my decision of how to handle the 9 months of pregnancy and the preparation towards childbirth was born of the idea of the “no fear”. I am not afraid to work until the eighth month of pregnancy, I am not afraid to go to salsa classes or belly dance, putting my face down in a posture of Hatta Yoga, do a class full pilates advanced or tone up with weights or balls in the gym. I am not afraid of all the views and comments that typically let go to the pregnant, because I know my body and I know where I can go. It is clear that you should always have a care and, above all, they must act with common sense, but if I had to make the case to every person who thinks that you are “doing too many things in your state” could not leave the house in 9 months. I opted for what they call pregnancy active.

on the other hand, if you maintain a routine activity and not to stay on the couch is for me a way to release stress and be happy, what I transmit to my daughter will be the same feeling so that we win the two and it shows.

Not if, as mothers will agree with me on these issues, but I will continue to advocate a pregnancy active, full of vitality, in which the women let us be consistent with our bodies and their capabilities, because I’ve never been a supporter of appear weak or a victim of a particular situation, is more, I believe that in this process we become even more strong and capable. The pampering of our loved ones are very well, you be left wanting, but over-protection is another issue and to me in particular I ends haunt.

it Is true that in the last phase of the pregnancy, everything becomes more heavy, as a first-time mom I didn’t believe them, but now that I am 37 weeks and I notice how my body needs more rest time, I can stand less heat, and sleep is a daunting task… I understand that I should go down a bit the pace. But even so, I don’t stop doing what I like and I feel good: go for a walk, riding by the edge of the beach, swim and do my routines of yoga for at least three days a week, to meditate, to dance salsa when I get time to go to any of the classes or just go out for a walk in the city.

In my case these 37 weeks pregnant have been wonderful, with their most difficult days and tired, of course, but I can’t complain. I’ve been able to work until the last minute, enjoy the gym and the beach, in control of my weight thanks to not ever be still, and live the growth of my daughter in a natural way, dynamic and happy.

finally, if you are pregnant, I encourage you to look for the best way of carrying your pregnancy, without fear everything that is in there, because we are women and we are prepared to face these long months of changes in a natural and full of vitality. Enjoy your body and the wonder of creating life!

I leave you a video of how I have lived my process,in this case with the yoga, since the first few weeks until the third trimester of pregnancy.