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The prancha BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium is used for any chemical procedures that women use to take care of the aesthetics of the strands of hair, as an example, the progressive, the cauterization, definite and also reconstruction.

This board has ideal application in sealing the cuticles after the procedures, and the product is fixed in the best way by the wires. In situations such as those indicated, the temperature used can be high, up to 230°.

And during the routine, in normal use, the temperature can vary from 180° to 200°, with care for the wires, without damage.

it Is possible with this accessory smooth, finish, model, among many other options.

This plank hair still has the characteristic of being a great conductor of heat, and it is natural for the stability of the ultra-high temperatures and still emission of the negative ions so beneficial.

With the process, it is possible the straightening faster, and the hair constantly in the natural moisture.

There is also a maximum yield with efficient infrared heat, with penetration in the hair, in order from the inside to the outside, with precise gentle way without damage to the wires.

And there was a balance between high thermal conductivity of the plates of titanium and the heat resistance of Ryton, which is in the outer coating, with the result of the wire sliding.

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And the prancha BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium account with the plates in Advanced Surround Heat, which brings to straightening of the wires with 40% greater speed without harm, and there is still a decrease of stress by the extended use, in particular for the hair thick or dry.

plank professional ionic that is lightweight, the body is considered to be slim, and there is a digital LED display to control the temperature that can reach up to 450°.

For women who have the hair thick, or when there is a greater requirement, the surfboard is the ideal accessory to let the hair wonderful.

Among the characteristics is the regulation in relation to temperature, which can go up to 230°. Still the board is 110 volt or 220 v, there are LED controls with temperature. The straightening of the wire can take up to 40% more quickly.

This board provides excellent results. And there is great resistance against chemical corrosion, it is strong like steel, with 60% of the density, on the surface very smooth.

this is the Nano Technology, with maximum efficiency, and the design is ergonomic, with power cable way swivel.

Another feature is that the board has a coating on the outside that is supported against the heat in excess.

Still provides excellent stretch and good results in the shortest time; while the infrared heat operates to penetrate inside without damage to the wires.

it Is an accessory highly recommended for the professional stylists to guarantee of great results in procedures considered to be chemical, in particular, by reason of being coupled with the efficiency and swiftness in every task.

The professional realizes the convenience to model, smooth and also finish in the perfect manner.

The price varies between R$ 300 and R$ 400, being the original. It is a product highly praised and that promises success and good results to women who use for application on strands of hair.

And an interesting effect to perform with the board is to finish the wires. The clusters classics are made in a way that they are secure in a circle.

it Is necessary to take a swab small hair and then spray the thermal protector for the scalp.

The next step is to spread the product and then position the plank, on average, 3 cm from the root. Then it is necessary to rotate the accessory upside down, or reverse.

The tip of plank for the progressive will be wrapped by the hair. When holding the accessory, the display is so slow, pull to the end of the wick.

The plates of the plank must stay in tension by the hair, firmly. When the plank is pulled, the wires around the same that were rolled up if loose, with curls are considered perfect and beautiful.

With an accessory as indicated and special, there are many options and possibilities to leave the hair wonderful for all seasons and commitments.

Just the creativity, dedication and care for the health of the wires.

in This way are many ways to use the board and make the aesthetics of the hair better yet and healthier.

UPDATED: 30.05.17



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I Think she is very efficient and practical and quick


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