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This wanting to see some pictures of curly hair parted some images of celebrities with the hair all curly for you to choose which you prefer.

curly hairstyles can be difficult to control he tends to be rebellious in the morning, or in wet climates it is prone to frizz.

however, if you use the techniques of style certain, you may have hair shiny and beautiful curls.

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to Use product curly hair natural correct, also it makes all the difference. Curly hair can be prone to getting dry and rebellious, so it is important to choose products that will not cause damage.

Use shampoo and conditioner made with natural ingredients is a good way to protect your hair from the damage that can be caused by industrial products such as silicones and chemicals found in most of the products commercially manufactured.

Some of the shampoo and conditioners are specially developed for curly hair. If you can always use them, it is worth to give it a chance to see if he can help you set up your wires.

Conditioner with leave-in is a good option for curly hair, since it helps the curls stay smooth and moisturized throughout the day.

rinsing do not use hot water:

Here is the secret to a frizz note 10, use cold water for the rinse this will make all the difference to your wires have more life.

The hot water burning the root and tips of the hair while cold water causes the root to stay with more life and the tips to close, making curls more beautiful and bright when the hair is dry.

If you don’t like the idea of taking a cold shower, try washing your hair in the sink, this prevents running the cold water over his entire body. When you’re in the shower or use a shower cap to protect your curls from the warmer water.

Let your hair dry naturally:

The healthier way to dry your hair sure is to leave it to dry alone. When you get out of the shower, Gather your hair dry with a soft towel. Do not twist or rub it, this will cause the hair to become rough and frizzy.

Avoid the use of a hairdryer unless it is a special occasion. In the day-to-day natural drying is the best path to follow, a time that does not damage the wires. The curly hair long often can take a long time to dry, since it’s so thick and dense.

If you don’t have the patience for natural drying, use a hairdryer with a diffuser on the temperature as low as possible.

Brush your hair at night:

Before you go to bed at night, use a brush with natural bristles to brush the hair making movements from the scalp to the ends.

This distributes the natural oils of your scalp throughout your hair, which will cause your curls to become more healthy in the long term.

water or wash your hair in the morning to help the curls come back the way. Use a moisturizing products to reset the curls.

do Not brush the hair when it is still wet, only use this method when your hair is completely dry, or you can stretch and break it.

Check out the below photos of curly hair and get inspired:

14 Tips for Basic Care of the Curly Hair

we’ve All heard the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”! Beautiful curls is a look 10 times younger and happier.

And about the girls that are naturally blessed with curly hair? Despite being the prettiest of all hair textures, are more difficult to deal with.

So, here are some of the tips for curly hair:

1. Find a good hairdresser:

Of all the tips for the care of the curly hair, the more necessary it is to find a good hairdresser. You need to treat your hair with the utmost care.

Not everyone is good at styles of waves, so make sure to find a good salon with a good reputation for hair cuts and spa treatments.

Trim your locks only if the ends are damaged, otherwise, you can avoid that it may grow slowly as the hair curls.

If for hair cuts, make sure of a cut that the natural curls fall into his face. It is very important that you keep this in mind. A good hair cut manageable it makes life much easier.

2. Additional investment: If you have frizzy hair, tend to have pointed tips dry. Even if you have a good length for curling. Ensure an additional investment to buy products.

3. Find your shampoo and conditioner:

You may require some trial and error to find, experimenting on what fits you best. Or consult your stylist, because they know what fits best for you.

4. Prive the moisture of the hair: If you have to wash your curly hair is often a disaster of great magnitude. For this, you should only use the shampoo to take the moisture content existing. Do not wash the hair more than twice a week.

5. Leave-in conditioner: Apply the conditioner to the tips of the hair after each wash, and when still dry, use a leave-in conditioner.

6. Keep the hair products in stock: Always has a stack of serums, anti-frizz, gels, style and protection of heat saved. You never know when you might happen one bad day.

7. Hot oil for massage

Massage with hot oils were made for this hair type. Mix oils such as olive, castor and almond oil in your coconut oil and heat it.

Massage the scalp with this liquid an hour before taking bath, once a week.

8. Detangle:

Always comb through the curls when they are wet or semiúmidos, as the curls dry is only going to make them frizzy. Always use a wide-tooth comb interlaced with soft bristles for the hair.

A comb with teeth narrow or a hair brush will only lead to breaking of the hair.

9. Dry air: Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry. A little heat static is sufficiently bad to curl the dimensions of the hair above.

10. Don’t hurt your curls:

blow-Dry your curls, or expose to high temperatures damage your hair. Do not use the appliance to heat if necessary to make sure that you use a thermal protection against equipment heat.

If you really need to use heat, use a good thermal insulation. For a hair dryer, an iron or a curler of hair, use a diffuser to minimize the damage.

11. Style for dry hair: Before you your damp hair to dry, crease and apply a little gel to style.

Put in the desired area. And after, do not touch your hair until it is dry.

12. Do not lock your curls: The less you mess with your curls, the better. You do not want to increase the factor of frizz.

13. Hair accessories: Use hair accessories to your advantage. Many girls envy your hair with hair bands, bands, brackets, and bandanas of various patterns and colors available. Use as much as possible.

Keep your hair under control and also in style.

14. Use cold water: Whenever possible, wash your hair with cold water because it makes your hair shiny and less wrinkled.

In cold weather, you can wash the hair with lukewarm water. Avoid completely the hot water, as it tends to remove the natural oils existing.

sometimes, even forcing the hair to produce more oil, more problems such as oily scalp, dandruff and irritation of scalp.

Natural Curls

Individuals with wavy hair can also curl your hair naturally. Try these two methods for best results: are you free of the use of chemicals and apparatus, of heat.

1. Use curlers Velcro:

The hair can be made in thin sections and with this curlers Velcro and can be fixed with pins rolled together.

After a few hours, you can leave the hair curly naturally.

2. Socks:

they Are the best alternatives to curl your hair naturally. Cut your old socks in the form of rubber, and wrap your hair completely until close to the crown as a roll form.

Leave it overnight. The next morning, you can see beautiful curls and loose.

5 Tricks and Tips for your Curly Hair

1. Do not use products heat

Many times we have to change the hairstyle through a variety of measures. That cause damage to the hair structure.

If you love your curly hair, you must leave the devices and straightening products, it does not affect the curly hair healthy with high temperature.

2. Deep moisturizing

Hydration is one of the best ways to get the curls wet and deeply healthy within. It is important that you provide each day a layer of hydration to the hair is not dry.

3. Trim 6 to 8 weeks

The stylists will suggest that you cut between every six to eight weeks. Your hair will gradually grow out, and if you don’t worry, it will get increasingly weak and without life. Once you have the habit of trimming the hair regularly, you will get your healthier hair.

4. Pillow satin

One of the ways for the situation to improve damaged hair, you should use a pillow of satin while you sleep, if you want to protect your hair. It is used to reduce the friction and tangled hair.

5. Do not use shampoos with sulfates

Switch to a shampoo without sulfate. Because the sodium sulfate is a substance very harmful to the shine and cause damage to the hair, you can manually clear your hair using natural methods without the use of chemicals.

it is Not difficult to do, it takes a week to learn.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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