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often appear in spots on our skin from an unknown source, and in most of these times simply do not give due attention to them.

But we must keep in mind that many spots that can appear in our human skin indicate problems often severe in our body, and that any notice of our body should be taken seriously, get away from normality.



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so the examination of our body must be constant in our day-to-day, making with that no problem is detected too late.

Many stains can be easily be confused with ringworm or even allergies, but it is the constancy and permanence of these spots that you should worry about.

in addition, we should also notice the appearance of other symptoms along with the stain, such as fevers, headaches, weight loss, spontaneous or even a lack of appetite sudden.

But we should not simply panic when we found some stain abnormal in our body, since they may indicate any everyday activity or even be caused by some allergy that you have purchased.

anyway, we should know that some diseases emit in its early stages, and that in the latter case, some types of cancer also have these signs as the largest area code.

experts say that the skin is our biggest indicator of health, and that many changes common or not so common in our body can be perceived through it.

Spots the most common

There are numerous skin patches that are very common that may appear on our skin and that do not indicate anything serious, but which must be constantly observed in any developments.

The itching are the main type of stain that affects our skin, and that can have many origins.

Even though the itching is usually the result of some irritation of the skin red or any allergy, we can consider that diseases such as liver cancer and lymphoma, have this characteristic symptom in the course of evolution of the disease.

This way, you have an itch that does not heal or heals for some time, look for a dermatologist.

The red patches on our body may also be often a sign of irritation, or even some scratching that the skin has suffered.

However, one of the symptoms of a disease that is the most intriguing of recent times, Lupus, includes the formation of reddish brown by the body of the individual, and if the reddish brown stains do not disappear, a doctor should be consulted.

as for the purple spots are usually signs of bumps and knocks, and certainly if the region is sore-that is exactly what happened, in that many of the beats that we suffer only realized later.

But in the same way, diseases such as leukemia give these symptoms, in addition to the spots can be indicative of changes in the regular functioning of the liver.

Try to verify the possibility of having occurred a knock in that place, especially if it is difficult to access.

If the spots appear suddenly and without any apparent reason, consult a physician.

How to know if the stain is a symptom of something serious?

The general rule is to check if the stain has a reason to be there. If you see a stain on your skin that you don’t know where it came from, and if that stain insists on staying evident, consult a physician for further clarification.

If there is nothing with you and the stain is only a symptom of allergy or something like that, you will be relieved and nothing serious will happen.

But if there is a stain indicative of any serious deterioration in the body, and you simply ignore, when the other symptoms appear may be too late.

The most serious medical problems, including various types of cancer and lupus, in need of an early diagnosis to achieve a greater chance of cure and survival of the individual involved, and so the visit to the doctor is so important.

Still, if the stain insists on occupying your skin and cause a certain fear in you, do not let the fear of a diagnosis bad avoid you attend to the query.

This is because all of the problems cited here have effective treatments when discovered in time, and only offer the same risk if they are in an advanced state.

The spots on your skin that itch may be only a nuisance, but some times are even an alert from your body to you to pay more attention on it.

UPDATED: 31.05.17



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