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Argan Oil on Hair Treatment

Let’s talk today about the Beauty of the hair both soft yarns and with more brightness check out the article and be surprised.

it Is very important, at the time of purchase of products for hair, observe the composition described in the packaging.

At several times, the small letters generate information to guarantee a good result, and in relation to the care application.

argan oil is an example, with moroccan origin, the drops are famous by the guarantee of treatment of the wires with damage, natural or colored, and aid in the control of frizz.

This pure argan oil is the wires, in a manner similar to the shield, and thus is avoided the loss of water to environment.

The argan oil moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes and strengthens the scalp and strands, with higher brightness, more silky and soft. In some times, the oil-moroccan is enriched with silicone and vitamins, so it is important to have attention to the way of application.

Because the silicone seals the wire, with more shine and a little frizz, but some types of the compound are not eliminated easily with water, so you must use shampoo anti-residue.

And this shampoo brings the risk of drying of the wire, by the power of opening and cleaning.

With a doubt, the ideal is to choose oils of the composition more natural.

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argan oil is versatile, and can be passed in several ways, on dry hair, on the entire length, as the finalizer.

When used in yarn wet, the same moisturizes and protects from the heat of the flat iron and hairdryer.

The product can also be mixed with other cosmetics, such as conditioner and shampoo, creams and masks. The recommended application of the product is every 2 or 3 days, because it is usually to impregnate the hair fiber, with a risk of saturation of the wire.

In the care of the hair, the argan oil for hair it is important to pre-wash until completion, with the possibility of use for all the steps in the improvement of the quality of the wires, by the action of emollient and restorative.

In the leave-in is ideal to spend 2 to 5 drops, according to the length and volume of the hair, by the hair damp and blow-dry as usual.

And to repair the tips, the tip is to put 2 drops in the palm of your hands and rub the two hands; the application is by the tips, spreading.

In relation to the damage from the staining, it is important to put 3 drops of the oil in the dye that will be applied on the wires. And previously to the beach or pool, it is indicated to apply 1 teaspoon of the oil in the wires dry.

So before you get in the water, so that the wires are shielded against sun and chlorine.

Argan Oil for Hair

argan Oil provides the hair with important vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.

argan Oil has its origin in Morocco and is extracted from the fruit of the argan tree. During several centuries apply argan oil among the barber shops as a miracle cure for faster growth, more beautiful and healthier hair.

The argan oil represents a very high proportion of natural antioxidants in themselves. These promote:

The growth of hair.

Protects the scalp.


Especially for long hair an extra dose of moisture is important, which can be provided by means of argan oil.

Strengthen the hair

Use the argan oil leaves hair intensely moistened, thus, prevents dehydration of the hair. As several studies have shown that it also relieves hair loss, and a constant application strengthens the hair roots.

in This way, the hair gets stronger, the argan oil virgin can help with the fine hairs.

in order To promote aggressively the growth of hair, a tin of argan oil with massage to the hair (1 – 2 times per week) is extremely useful.

To this end, 2 tablespoons of argan oil and about 5 drops of oil of black seed, mix together and then slowly massage it for a few minutes, using gentle strokes and circular on the scalp.

After this, cover the hair (possibly a shower cap) and then with a hot towel. After about 40 minutes, the hair can be washed with warm water and a shampoo that is mild (it can also be shampoo for kids).

If you have hair loss, a massage with a mixture of 2 tablespoons, and about 5 drops of oil of thyme, massage it with circular movements on the scalp, which is very useful.

If your hair is very dry and brittle rub the head with a bit of argan oil for the skin to stimulate the scalp, and then pass under a towel, pre-heated to the required regeneration.

After about 30 minutes, the oil can be very well rinsed. To deal with dry hair, massage it with a little argan oil on the ends.

Free of silicones

the argan oil can develop their unique capabilities, there are various possibilities of application. Oils for hair have the best effects when they are not weighed down by silicones.

They coat the individual hairs, so that often the products of personal hygiene can not penetrate in the hair. If the argan oil is used for intensive care, shampoos and conditioners should always be free of silicones.

Keep your hair intensively during the night

For an effect, a small amount of argan oil rubbed in with both hands, and passed over the entire length of hair, until they are slightly sticky.

And should leave about 1 hour. An ideal way and time-saving usage it is the night of the argan in the application to the hair, leave to act overnight and in the morning wash well.

Add to shampoo

To wash cures with argan oil benefits, specifically conditioner lightweight suitable, since these form a connection with its oil.

Since Conditioner also contain substances detergents, an additional is shampoo washing is no longer required. The conditioner is distributed throughout the head of hair and leave for 20 minutes over there. Subsequently, the hair is short in the foam and rinsed carefully.

To wash with treatment oil, especially light conditioner suitable, because they are combined with the argan oil.

As conditioners also include active substances in washing, a washing with shampoo added is no longer needed. With the conditioner on the hair, leave for approximately 20 minutes. After that, just rinse the hair carefully.

it Is also possible to add to the shampoo. For this purpose, add the usual amount of shampoo a few drops of argan oil and mix thoroughly. The booking of shampoo in the process of its cleaning action usually leaves the hair more intense.

Hair dry and brittle

Moderately applied to the hair, the initial dose, place one or two drops of argan oil to rub briefly by the palms and then spread over the lengths of the hair affected.

With regular use, hair gain new shine and keep healthy.

oil Preparation

The fruit of the argan is harvested between July and September. The oil of the argan tree can not be pressed from the fruit, any failed attempt.

So, is only the kernel of the argan which are collected and treated on the job real hard for the oil.

Even harvesting the fruit is not easy, because the trees have a very fragile wood, and are equipped with sharp spines.

Two or three almonds, which are traditionally roasted to refine the taste within each fruit. So, are ground to the hand and mixed with the help of boiled water. The argan oil precious is then pressed only from this folder.

To dry hair and sensitive

Oil argan oil is considered excellent oil for dry hair. Also has benefits on the scalp by the diversity of fatty acids, palmitic acid and linoleic is characterized by a balanced combination of oil.

argan Oil is also used in dermatoses, acne, and allergies. There are two variants of the argan oil, which only differed in the roasting of the seeds. For an organic shampoo we use argan oil from seeds, not roasted.

argan Oil is underestimated in the odor and making it a maintenance shampoos organics exclusive. Your organic Shampoo nourishes clearly through the argan oil price and provides your dry hair an extra dose of moisture.

The Shampoo keeps its cleaning action, but leaving the hair usually the most intense

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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