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people who have vision problems often turn to surgery to repair, and mainly to the use of eyeglasses to get a visual improvement.

But after the popularization of the glasses articulated they became a natural alternative and cheap to definitely eliminate the eye problems.

glasses lattices popularly known as Yoga for your eyes, have several holes in the lens, which prevent the excess lighting as well as enabling images to be more crisp because of the focus that the eyes are forced to direct.

especially recommended to read, to watch tv or use a computer.

Not forgetting that many health professionals indicate to the rest of the view after a day much agitated or even after an entire day of study.

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Glasses-reticulated works:

The intention of creation is to primarily work the muscles of the eye, in people who have problems of myopia, strabismus, presbyopia, cataracts, hyperopia and astigmatism, with the order increased to treat these problems, by eliminating the use of the glasses.

The studies of these glasses are old, and their dissemination in the market is large, especially for certain ophthalmologists who work primarily with ocular exercises, resulting in a visual improvement.

The principle of its creation, or derivation, it is primarily the method pinhole, used by ophthalmologists.

In the search for an eye problem, which submits the patient to observe certain images from a single hole, causing a visual improvement and diagnosing the problem.

glasses Yoga for eyes has a manual to use, so that the consumer can use without your sight gets tired, by determining the periods of use to give initiation to the exercise for the eyes.

However, some ophthalmologists and practitioners of Yoga, they claim that the glasses is only one tool active, to practice ocular exercises, and should not replace definitely the glasses.

Glasses Yoga for eyes can help with a wide range of vision problems:


  • Myopia;
  • the

  • Hypermetropia;
  • the

  • Presbyopia (age-related reduced range of focus);
  • the

  • Astigmatism;
  • the

  • Cataracts;
  • the

  • eye strain (from computer screens);
  • the

  • Estrapismo;
  • the

  • Clacoma;
  • the

  • Photophobia.

You can use the glasses from 20 to 40 minutes per day. Exercises the eyes and after days of use, you will already note the difference.

Users who cannot see afar off? Can benefit from when using the glasses.

Watch TV or see a movie and let the glasses do the hard work for you.

This eyewear is ideal for those who suffer from eye fatigue when long time in front of the computer or tv.

If you read a lot and stays with the tired eyes the glasses Cross-linked may be the solution to your problems.

Benefits of glasses Grid:


  • by Using for only 20 minutes a day helps improve your vision within a few days;
  • the

  • Relaxes the view you can use while watching tv or even watching your favourite film;
  • the

  • Help with a wide variety of eye problems so can be used by people of all ages;
  • the

  • has No contraindication;
  • the

  • Can be used without medical consultation, since it is not the remedy.

The glasses have great effectiveness, their use may be gradual so that the eyes get used slowly with its usage, as see through the small holes is an easy task.

Therefore, consumers who wish to acquire the product you may rest assured, when the effectiveness of the glasses yoga.

An alert should not use the glasses for certain tasks like driving, handling knives or walking on the street, because of the source of therapy that has, or is, exercises are not practiced during these activities.

the use of The glasses articulated does not have against.

More about the creator of the glasses:

In Brazil, many ophthalmologists ensure that the glasses pleadings are effective, the ophthalmologist William Bates created ocular exercises, generating curiosity about the glasses articulated.

The movements are ancient, with development mainly in Asia, where it is common for the body work as a whole.

The glasses lattices should not be used in locations where low light, resulting in fatigue, and according to the ophthalmologist William Bates.

This obstruction of lighting can generate a sedentary lifestyle in the eyes, as well as the glasses, preventing them from become more active and seek sharp images.

William Bates began the studies around of the eye muscle, soon after his graduation, in 1888, and since then the same would have sought various ways to solve vision problems from exercises.

And before this, a mexican physicist, created the glasses in the eighties, receiving an award of honorable mention for his study from the origins of the studies of Bates.

UPDATED: 02.06.17



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