O Que é Bulking e Cutting?

those Who practice bodybuilding will certainly at some point come across the terms Bulking and Cutting, which refer to cycles of weight gain and fat loss.

The goal of those who train firm is to gain lean mass without gaining fat along, but this is very difficult to be done. Sometimes, it’s easier to just increase the weight, and then eliminate the excess fat. These two steps, first to increase the pointer of the balance, and then delete only the fat to get the maximum possible amount of muscle mass, is what we call Bulking and Cutting.

what is Bulking

Bulking is the process used by athletes to gain weight and muscle mass. The goal is to consume more calories than you are able to burn, and preferably from healthier sources like lean meats, Whey protein, dairy light and eggs.

The term Bulking has emerged on the reality in the world of bodybuilding professional, where the bodybuilders divide their year in the period of competitions and the “off season”. In this period away from the tournaments, the professionals take the opportunity to eat a lot and increase your weight. Although they seek to make a healthy diet to gain weight, it is not possible to only gain lean muscle mass. Some athletes earn, in addition to muscle mass, a lot of fat, which needs to be eliminated to improve muscle definition.

what is Cutting

The loss of this excess fat is what we call Cutting. In bodybuilders professionals, it is made a few weeks before competitions, diet with plenty of protein and few carbohydrates. The goal of the stage of Cutting is to eliminate only fat, avoiding to the maximum lose muscle mass.

Difference between Bulking and Cutting

  • Phase Bulking: the goal here is to win the maximum possible amount of muscle mass, while minimizing fat gain. The diet is high calorie, and there is a greater consumption of complex carbohydrates, such as bread and rice;
  • the Stage of Cutting: you want to eliminate excess fat while maintaining your muscle mass. The consumption of calories will be much lower that at the stage of Bulking, and the carbs are very low. Proteins will be the main nutrient in the feed.

How to do the Bulking

Many people still do not understand correctly what is Bulking and think that means you can eat freely everything you see from the front, without any remorse. In fact, this is not so.

You can even gain weight more fast eating Fast Food, ice cream and other sweets every day, but in the end will realize that what you won was almost no muscle, and yes the water and fat. That is, the pointer of the scale can indicate a gain of 15 kg, but if you have now than to lose 14 to be healed does not seem much of an advantage, doesn’t it?

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The ideal is that you make the so-called “Bulking” intelligent, that prioritizes nutritious foods and that do not cause a large accumulation of fat. A Bulking well done is not the one where you eat all the time and in any quantity, but rather the one where the meals have adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and fats as well.

You need not stick to the diet all the time, but also do not need to eat a pizza alone every day, just as an excuse that it is in the phase of Bulking. The secret is good sense, and know you view the gains that a proper nutrition will bring to your body in the near future.

Tips for a Bulking efficient

Even if you are a person very lean and with difficulty to gain weight, it’s not worth to quit eating anything to increase muscle mass. You need to know what is Bulking efficient, the gains should be gradual and with quality, and you already know that a higher weight does not necessarily mean more muscles.

Tips for a Bulking smart:

  • Increase your consumption of complex carbohydrates (whole grain);
  • Make at least 5 meals per day;
  • do Not stay more than 3 hours without eating;
  • Include a source of protein at all meals;
  • Beware of the excess salt, which retains a lot of liquid;
  • gradually Increase their loads for the workouts in this phase;
  • Include healthy fats in the diet and avoid fried food;
  • Keep track of your consumption of calories to not overdo it.

In theory, practice aerobic exercises in this phase may cause you to lose muscle mass and have difficulty gaining weight. The truth is that a little bit of intense training can minimize the gains of fat during Bulking. Only 15 minutes of training HIT (training interval of high intensity) are sufficient for burning fat and does not cause loss of muscle mass.

How to do the Cutting

The Cutting means not only to lose weight to stay with the abdomen stoned. If it is not done in the proper way, you lose not only fat, but also all the muscle mass you gained during Bulking.

A Cutting smart is the one that you can get rid of excess fat without compromising your muscle, all this without going hungry or having to do hours and hours of aerobic exercise.

it Is clear that the aerobic exercises will help you burn fat, but do with moderation so as not to compromise your muscle gains. Give preference to short sessions and high intensity (workout HIT) and limit your workouts to 3 times a week.

You should also be in calorie deficit to lose weight, but this does not mean going without food. Quite to the contrary, long periods without eating will only stop your metabolism and hinder fat-burning.

Reduce the carbohydrate content in the diet, and give preference to quality proteins, that can help to minimize the loss of muscle mass and also increase satiety.

Tips for Cutting

The traditional practice in bodybuilding has always been eating everything while Bulking and then do a phase of Cutting with very few calories to lose weight fast. Of course, if you spend three thousand to 800 calories per day will lose weight, but at what cost? In addition to saying goodbye to fat and muscle mass, you may also compromise your health.

To make a Cutting smart, follow these guidelines:

  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates, but not eliminate them completely. In the days of intense workout, increase your consumption of vegetables, cereals and whole grains;
  • Raise your consumption of protein to avoid muscle catabolism;
  • Drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins and promote weight loss;
  • do Not try to lose weight too fast. In this case, less is more;
  • Eat regularly to keep your metabolism high and to have energy for workouts;
  • If you want to minimize your loss of muscle mass, make supplementation with amino acids.

Length of the Bulking and Cutting

The phases of Bulking and Cutting are made of alternate mode, and there is a right length for each one. They can last 2 to 6 months, in accordance with its objectives or the time of year. Professional bodybuilders do a Bulking six months, and it is possible to see photos of some of them really above the weight in this period, as in the case of the australian Lee Priest:

Also there is not an exact amount of calories for each phase, as energy needs vary individually. The important thing is that you understand what is Bulking and what is Cutting correctly, that is, consume more calories than you spend in the stage of Bulking, and follow a diet with less calories in the phase of Cutting.

You find yourself in a phase in which you need to do Bulking or Cutting? Ever tried to ever do one of them and achieved your goals? Comment below.

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